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Aboriginal Archives: The Life, Death, and Neglect of Justice for Lynette "Norma" Daley

2020.09.27 21:57 Halls_of_Durin Aboriginal Archives: The Life, Death, and Neglect of Justice for Lynette "Norma" Daley

This is the first in a collection of true crime events, by themselves uniquely brutal and investigations themselves unquestionable, yet quietly set aside by the local public servants - be the police, justice workers, and others.
Note: This story contains the names and descriptions of deceased Aboriginal persons.
Lynette Daley
Ms. Lynette "Norma" Daley was born 16.7.1977. Much of her early life has not been reported. She was raised by her mother Thelma and step-father Gordon, a happy, adventures tom-boy who enjoyed tussling with her brothers, climbing trees, and going on adventures. She had dreams of competing in the Olympics. Yet, by 15 she struggled with school, at 16 dropped out, and fell in with a rough crowd. By 16 she had become pregnant and by the time of her death, at 33, consented for her parents to raise her seven children. Yet, despite struggling with alcohol addiction, she attempted to be engaged in her children's lives. However, between 1998 and 2010 Daley dealt with abusive partners and domestic violence. Up to her last week of life, she made efforts to visit her children and her parents - that final time staying for three days. The day before she died she told her sister about a planned holiday with two acquaintances, who the family considered to be at most social friends.
Her name and details were not public until the inquest into the failure to prosecute her death. Much early reporting refers to her simply as "Norma".
Her Death
Australia Day
26 January 2011 / the early hours of the morning
Ten Mile Beach
The location of the sexual assault and death occurred in Ten Mile Beach. This area is near the Coral Sea, relatively secluded beachhead paralleling A1 well south of Gold Coast, New South Wales. Both the water and the sky are bright blue. There the sand is a moderate strip disappearing under a line of large boulders then thick-standing trees. Now and then are warning signs: DANGER inset on a red circle. No lifesaving service, ringed by unstable cliffs and hemmed by strong currents; this is where Daley died.
The Accused
Adrian Attwater was stated by some reporting to be Daley's boyfriend. He is now 45. His friend, Paul Maris, now 49, may have known Daley as well. On Australia Day 2011 the three left on a camping cum fishing trip, according to both the accused and Daley's family. Attwater, in particular, was known to Daley's family but they were not familiar with him.
The Physical Evidence and the Events
What was discovered on that beach was both blood sodden and burnt. By the time police arrived an hour had elapsed from the 000 call. Daley was cold to the touch, her lips blue, possibly her extremities blanched with bloodloss. Her blood was everywhere, not just covering her legs and congealed in a large clot between her feet but across the sand, the vehicle, a mostly-burned mattress, and the jeans of one of the accused.
A forensic pathologist found vaginal injuries more severe than found in precipitous (traumatic) childbirth.
The sexual acts, said by both men to be consensual, involved Attwater placing his right hand into Daley's vagina. When questioned by police Attwater demonstrated at act by clenching his right hand into a fist. When asked if the act was referred to as "fisting" he replied "Just about, yeah" but denied he did it roughly. Maris also stated the sexual activity occurred by describing it: Attwater "fisted her". During re-interviews Attwater modified that act to using four fingers only to the depth of the base of his thumb in as "fishtail movement". Maris, however, re-enacted a clenched fist in vigorous horizontal movements.
Both men stated that after they reached Black Rock Camping Area, in the dark, late-night or very early morning, Attwater and Daley had sexual activity. After a while, Attwater invited Maris into the back of the vehicle to engage in this sexual activity. Daley was on her hands and knees with her head towards the front of the vehicle. Her track plants were misplaced at this point. Attwater was digitally penetrating Daley. Upon Attwater's instructions, Daley attempted to fellate Maris, but according to Maris he was not aroused or interested. Attwater became aware at this time of blood on his hand, which made it clear it was coming from Daley.
The sexual activity immediately stopped.
Between sustaining the fatal injury and her death Daley attempted to clean herself, rest on an ice-chest, and went for a short drive in the front passenger seat. The men claim she made no statements of pain or discomfort.
Immediately after noticing the blood, Daley went to clean herself in the ocean. On her way out the vehicle she rested for a moment - she sat on top of an ice-chest. Whatever quantity of blood she left was wiped away by Attwater at Maris' request. Maris said Daley had "put blood all over the Esky [ice-chest]."
It seems apparent she would have been bleeding profusely.
Police photographs showed blood had pooled between the back of the chest and the wall of the vehicle; despite efforts, large smears of blood were still evident. They travelled further up the beach. After they parked a second time Daley crawled into the back seat. She had lain there on the mattress, naked, cold, and intoxicated, and continued to bleed out.
Between the time the vehicle was parked and the men returned from attempting to force a new beach access track Attwater and Maris did not communicate with Daley. When they return to the vehicle the accounts differ slightly; Attwater claimed Daley made it to the front seat under her own power. Maris was more uncertain, saying: "I’m not sure whether Adrian put her in the front or if she got in by herself…" As dawn was breaking the vehicle pulled away from the Black Rock Camping Area.
At this time the men discuss the smell. Maris suggested the mattress be disposed of, describing the smell as "... like she might have crapped in the back of the car or something." This, he claimed, is why they stopped after only 1km of the trek and went on to burn the bedding, Daley's bloody bra, and other items. Maris said he burnt the bra because he didn't think Daley would want it anymore. He never asked her. To remove the mattress Maris had to remove the fishing rod holders, open the bonnet, and use the disconnected fuel line to fill a coke bottle with petrol. Everything was replaced and the diesel poured over the mattress and other items; it was then set alight. The track pants were not there. While Maris was doing this, he says Attwater and Daley went for a swim and "to go and clean themselves."
Attwater claimed he did not know Maris intended to burn the materials. When asked about how much blood was on the mattress, Attwater indicated a blood pool about 10cm in diameter; Maris said there was "blood everywhere". Attwater said that around that time Daley appeared to suffer some sort of seizure. He and Maris pulled her from the water. Attwater stated she wasn't breathing and had no pulse, so rolled her into a recovery position. Attwater being CPR while Maris dialled 000. Maris also went to get help from another - a man named Miller, camping nearby.
Miller states they drove back to find a man, wearing jeans, performing CPR on a woman who appeared to have been dragged from the water. Attwater claimed to be naked. Miller went on to say Daley had sand on her face and in her hair. There appeared to be blood coming from her vagina and matted in her public hair. At Maris' request, Miller began CPR. He found her to be cold and hold no pulse. He formed the opinion she was dead but continued to perform compressions as instructed by EMS. Miller noticed a large blood clot directly below her feet. It later had been measured by police to 150mm in diameter.
Before 0700 Maris went to flag down another vehicle. While he did so, Miller voiced his suspicions to ambulance corp.
EMS arrived at 0657. Officers arrived. Police Sergeant McDonald asked Attwater about the identity of the deceased. Attwater produced Daley's Commonwealth Bank keycard from his wallet. Blood smears were found in numerous areas within the vehicle. Those and burnt samples were collected.
The Autopsy
An autopsy found Daley died from blunt force trauma to her genital tract and had suffered horrific internal and external injuries after a violent sex act. Moderate to severe force tore and/or overstretched the vaginal lining which led to blood loss and shock; a circulatory crisis with low blood pressure and inadequate tissue and organ perfusion lead to organ failure and death. Daley's BAC was reported as between 0.303% (femora) and 0.352% (vitreous humour) - which are fatal ranges. There were no features of drowning.
“Blunt force genital tract trauma” was concluded as the primary cause of death – blood loss and hypovolaemic shock was the mechanism of death. Severe alcohol intoxication exacerbated the impact of blood loss. The kidneys and brain were pale supporting blood loss and low blood pressure.
Numerated injuries were as follows:
The time between the injuries upon Daley's person and her death are difficult to determine. The decline could have been from an hour to as many as four hours. Minutes before death she would have been noticeably paler and sweating, as well as unable to walk without aid. The injury while examined by an obstetrician and gynaecologist expert (gyno) advised that the tearing itself was unusual in “normal” consensual penile-vaginal intercourse only having been recorded in two instances, both with life-threatening blood loss and needed emergency surgery. The gyno suggested Daley sustained a torn artery producing raid and sustained blood loss.
The coroner's conclusions, with Daley named as Norma :
...I am inclined to accept as accurate Mr Maris’ demonstration of a vigorous punching motion as the most likely explanation for the injuries having been sustained.
Mr Attwater does not claim that Norma gave verbal consent to his actions. In the circumstances, in my view, Norma would not have had the capacity to meaningfully consent to the sexual acts that caused the injury that led to her death and Mr Attwater was not entitled to interpret her lack of resisting as consent....
I also conclude that it is more likely than not that Norma would have felt pain as a result of the injuries and have communicated this immediately.
Even if one accepts that there was no immediate complaint and that the men believed the blood seen was only menstrual blood, which I don’t, it is inconceivable that Norma would not have known that she was injured and bleeding unnaturally. It is also unbelievable that she would not have communicated this to the person responsible for causing it.
I conclude that both men are dishonestly denying any such complaint was made because they fear it reflects adversely on them.
...She was dearly loved by her family and she returned that affection. I know she is sadly missed by her children, her siblings, her parents and her extended family. I offer them all my sincere condolences.
The court expresses its contempt and disgust for the callous disregard for her welfare shown by her supposed friends Messrs Attwater and Maris.
The fatal injuries were accidentally inflicted during sexual activity undertaken at a time when it is likely Norma was too intoxicated to be able to meaningfully consent to such activity. The person responsible for the injury failed to respond to it by seeking medical attention for Norma even though she was because of her circumstances and condition incapable of obtaining that for herself.
In my own view the anus laceration, while not one to bleed profusely, would have caused considerable discomfort. Walking or sitting would have been difficult. Even at the outset of four hours by the time Miller arrived to render aid Daley could have been dead for an elapsed period.
Media Coverage
The Daily Examiner headlined the assault as a "‘Wild sex’ led to woman’s death" in 2014. The News.com.au May 10, 2016 report was headlined, “Campaign for justice over death of Lynette Daley, left to bleed after ‘wild sex.'” Much of the early coverage was tabloid based. With the terminology used the News.com.au article was found to breach the Standards of Practice of the Press Council, stating that "...the Council considers that the heading and the first paragraph misleadingly and unfairly suggested Ms Daley had consented to sexual acts immediately before her death." Even non-Australian media, like the Guardian in 2016, headlined: "Death that shocked a town: case reopens on woman who died after sex with two men on remote beach".
The Investigation
The NSW Director of Public Prosecutions Lloyd Babb withdrew both charges for Attwater and Maris in 2012 before they reached a committal hearing. After an inquest in 2014 State Coroner Michael Barnes referred the men to the DDP again, stating that a case was likely but Babb refused to prosecute them.
"It disturbed me that following the coroner's recommendation and with the material that was contained in the coroner's brief the decision was made by the DPP not to prosecute on any charges," said Robert Tumeth, Aboriginal Legal Service lawyer who represented Daley's family at the 2014 inquest.
Additional Criminal History
Maris' violent history consists of:
Attwater's criminal history includes:
Failure to Prosecute
27 January 2011 police charged Attwater with manslaughter and Maris with being an accessory after the fact.
2012 DPP withdrew both charges, stating there was no proof of intent to harm.
2014, Inquest State Coroner Michael Barnes referred the men to the DPP, stating they likely had a case to answer. Again, Babb refused to charge them.
February 2016 Babb was asked to review his decision by ­Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton.
21 June 2016 Independent legal adviser reviews case, leads DPP to prosecute
Four Corners
ABC’s Four Corners program covered the story in 2016, leading to national attention
Pleas and Trial
22 June 2016 Attwater and Maris were charged
2 Aug 2016, Grafton local court Attwater and Maris appeared, granted bail
2 December 2016, Supreme Court Attwater pled not guilty to manslaughter and aggravated sexual assault. Maris pled not guilty to being an accessory to both counts.
1 Aug 2017, Supreme Court Trail commences, Attwater and Maris on dock together.
A short clip from a police interview with Mr Attwater was played in court..."It was my f****** hand," Mr Attwater [discussing the act] could be heard saying in the recording.
And later, "girls will be girls and boys will be boys."
6 September 2017, Supreme Court Jury deliberated for 32 minutes - both Attwater and Maris were convicted. Attwater found guilty of manslaughter and aggravated sexual assault - 19-year sentence, with a non-parole period of 15 years and three months and Maris found guilty of hindering the collection of evidence and aggravated sexual assault - nine-year sentence, with a non-parole period of six years and nine months.
25 March 2020 Attwater appeals conviction with NSW Court of Criminal Appeal

Between 2012 and 2013, indigenous women were hospitalised for non-fatal family violence assault at 34.2 times the rate of non-indigenous women.
Between 2008 and 2012, in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory, the death rate from homicide for indigenous people was seven to eight times higher than for non-indigenous people.
Indigenous people are 3% of the Australian population.
Additional Sources:
  1. Aboriginal woman raped to death but white suspects yet to face trial five years later
  2. Daley family confronts the alleged killer
  3. Inquest into the death of Norma [currently unavailable 27 May 2020]
  4. Lynette Daley's death: NSW DPP under scrutiny over unprosecuted killing
  5. Lynette Daley manslaughter trial: boyfriend jailed for at least 14 years
  6. Two victims, no justice
  7. Lynette Daley's killer appealing verdict
  8. Lynette Daley: Family press for justice as Ten Mile Beach victim is named for first time
  9. Wauchope man one of two charged over Lynette Daley's death
  10. Four Corners: Callous Disregard
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2020.07.27 12:45 Str8Outta2750 So what really happened? The Disappearance and Suspected Murder of Quanne Diec (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - 27 July 1998)

Today (27 July 2020), on what marks the 22nd Anniversary of her disappearance - I've decided to post this case which, as a young person, got me interested in Missing Persons Cases in the first place. The case I refer to, is the disappearance; and suspected murder; of Quanne Diec - whom disappeared on her way to school, from the Western Sydney suburb of Granville, on the morning of 27 July 1998; aged just 12 years old.
Quanne (pronounced “Queenie”) has managed to remain in the consciousness of many Sydneysiders (and perhaps many Australians) over these past two decades. Her disappearance was headline news in Sydney at the time – with the New South Wales Police putting out a strong appeal to the public for her whereabouts. Quanne, to this day, has never been located – and is suspected as having been abducted and murdered.
The case remained cold for years – until November 2016, when a suspect, Vinzent Tarantino, walked into Surry Hills Police Station in Sydney to confess to Quanne’s abduction and murder. Tarantino (born Victor David Gerada), a person with a documented history of mental health issues, then recanted his confession, pleading Not Guilty and stood trial for charges relating to Quanne’s disappearance and homicide. He was acquitted by Jury on 6 November 2017 on all charges presented. Understandably, a controversial situation all round – and one which sadly brings Quanne’s case back to square one. So, what really did happen to Quanne?
Background and Case Outline
Quanne Diec was born in Sydney on 12 May 1986 (her Date of Birth has also been published as 12 July 1986), to Vietnamese refugee parents – Sam Nguyen Diec and A Muoi "Ann" Ngo, both of whom are of ethnic Cantonese Chinese-Vietnamese background, arriving to Australia in 1978; and had two older siblings - her brother Sunny; and her sister Tina.
The family lived in a single story dwelling, in Western Sydney suburb of Granville - which was a very working class suburb; and had been traditionally a predominately Anglo-Australian in its population; although it began to be characterised by a very strong Lebanese-Australian community (established mainly by refugees from the Lebanese Civil War) from the 1980's onwards. The suburb's refugee population is a result of it being not far away from what was the Villawood Migrant Centre (which since has become the Villawood Immigration Detention Centre). Her father owned and ran a small mixed-business (i.e. a convenience store) in the South-Western Sydney suburb of Casula.
Quanne had started high school at the start of 1998; enrolling at Strathfield Girls High School, located in the Inner-Western Sydney suburb of Strathfield, about 10 kilometres (6 miles) away from her home. During Term 1 of high school, she was driven to school every morning by her father. However, Quanne; beginning to seek her own independence; started insisting that she be allowed to travel to school herself, via train. Although both of her parents had concerns about this, they relented - allowing Quanne to walk by herself to Clyde Railway Station, then catch the train to Strathfield for school, from the start of Term 2 (Source: MamaMia via MSN).
Monday, 27th July 1998 started off in the Diec household as any Monday did. It was raining that morning; and was early into Term 3 of high school for Quanne. She got into her school uniform, packed her lunch, said goodbye to her sister Tina (who was still in bed), then her mother Ann leading her to the front door to see her off – Quanne then headed off, waving to her mother, whom watched until her daughter disappeared out of sight as she entered Factory Street (Source: SMH).
Quanne got as far as the Australia Post International Mail Centre (now known as the Australia Post Sydney Gateway Facility) – which is (according to Google Maps) about 350 metres (approx. 380 yards) from her home; and about 550 metres (approx. 600 yards) away from Clyde Railway Station. She was captured by one of the Mail Centre’s CCTV camera at approx. 7.43 am, walking up Factory Street. The same CCTV camera captured about eight seconds later, what NSW Police described as a “shadowy figure” whom appeared to be following Quanne. However, another CCTV camera located at the other end (Northern side) of the Mail Centre captured no image of Quanne – indicating she disappeared between these two points along Factory Street; and failed to make it to Clyde Railway Station (Source: SMH).
As her parents had assumed she made it to school; and conversely her school assumed her absence was due to illness – the alarm was not raised about her disappearance until that afternoon, when she failed to return home from school. Quanne was reported as Missing to Granville Police Station by her parents that evening, at around 5.00 pm.
NSW Police were prompt in putting out a public appeal for Quanne, with all mainstream media outlets within metropolitan Sydney covering Quanne’s disappearance as headline news. In the immediate days following, the NSW Police also set up a mannequin at Clyde Railway Station, dressed as Quanne at the time of her disappearance (wearing her Strathfield Girls High School uniform); and handing out flyers containing Quanne’s photo to rail commuters. Soon after, the NSW Police formed Strike Force Lyndey, to specifically investigate Quanne’s case.
Quanne’s case deeply resonated with the Sydney public; with the media continuing their interest and coverage of her case in the weeks and months following. The profile of her case reached such a point, it resulted in the highly unusual move of the then incumbent Premier of New South Wales, Bob Carr, announcing a an increase to the reward for information on her case, from $AUD100,000 to $AUD200,000 (normally, announcements regarding rewards are done by the senior hierarchy within NSW Police).
Publicly, it appeared that no promising leads regarding Quanne’s disappearance were forthcoming. However, an anonymous male caller phone the NSW Crime Stoppers Hotline, who gave information suggesting that the Police search the Duck River, which runs between Granville (on its western bank) and Auburn (on the east). (Source – via Tapatalk. Note – articles originally published by Australian Associated Press (AAP))
It should be noted there are two tributaries in the area named Duck – there is Duck Creek, which is largely channelised – but starts in the suburb of Guildford, flowing due North-East through to Granville, then into the Duck River at Clyde. The Duck River itself starts off from a series of drains in the suburb of Yagoona, flowing due north through or past the suburbs of Birrong, Sefton, Chester Hill, Auburn, South Granville, Granville, Clyde, Rosehill; and eventually into the Parramatta River at Silverwater.
However, it was the Duck River which became the focus of the investigation. On January 12 and 13 of 1999, the NSW Police, along with volunteers from the NSW State Emergency Service (SES), drained a 300 metre (approx. 330 yard) section of the Duck River around the South Granville and Auburn area – about 1.5 kilometres (or nearly a mile) south of the Diec family home. No human remains were found; and the items that were recovered from the river bed – as set of vehicle registration plates, a crowbar and items of clothing, were eventually ruled out as being connected to Quanne’s disappearance.
After the NSW Police concluded their search of the Duck River, the anonymous male caller again contacted the NSW Crime Stoppers Hotline, this time claiming the area which the Police covered in their search wasn’t the right area; and that they had missed vital clues. The NSW Police put out a public appeal in early February 1999 to the anonymous caller to contact them again – believing this person was connected to the case; and had further and vital information. However, it appears this person made no further contact; and no further searches of the Duck River were conducted.
Another lead in the investigation was the vehicle possibly involved in Quanne’s abduction. Some of the information which NSW Police released at the time, appears a little confusing. However one witness, a woman, reported to Police seeing a girl getting into a “Transit-type van” (presumably a large European bonneted van, such as a Ford Transit). NSW Police went as far as conducting hypnosis on this witness, in an attempt to jog her memory for further information – but to no avail.
It should be noted also, that Australia Post were using Ford Transit vans within their fleet at the time of Quanne’s disappearance – although these vehicles were generally painted red with Australia Post signwriting.
There was information from a witness, of a van seen in the area that morning, with a registration number starting with either “PAO” or “PAQ”. Police put forward an appeal for the owner of the van to come forward. Eventually, investigators did track down that vehicle – a Mitsubishi Express van, with the NSW Registration Number PAQ-205, belonging to a Communications Equipment company called Benelec (Images of Vehicle - Sources: Nine News, SMH). The vehicle was distinctive, in that it had prominent signwriting. However, their employee and driver of that vehicle – Victor Gerada, became a person of interest in this case.
Victor had grown up at Second Street, Granville – just off Factory Street and near where Quanne was last seen. Although he had moved from that address, his father Godwin was still living there; and he was still a frequent visitor. Prior to his employment with Benelec, he had been a nightclub bouncer – having worked at various venues, including within Sydney’s notorious red-light district of Kings Cross.
It has been reported, allegedly unbeknownst to the officers on Strike Force Lyndey at that point, that Victor Gerada was also concurrently under the witness protection program. Gerada, in his employment as a bouncer, had witnessed the gruesome aftermath of the notorious Blackmarket Café/Hellfire Club bikie murders, in the Inner-City suburb of Chippendale on 9 November 1997 (note – “bikie” being an Australian colloquial term for a “one percent” or outlaw biker). This crime can be read about further here – but in short, it was a dispute between the Bandidos and Rebels Motorcycle Clubs – resulting in the deaths of three Bandidos, in the basement of the Blackmarket Café Nightclub. Ultimately, Gerada was never called up to testify on the stand as a witness (Source: Daily Telegraph).
However, reports suggest that Gerada began living a very transient life from this point onwards; which also spiralled out of control due to his Post Traumatic Stress and deteriorating mental health. Possibly due to these reasons, it appears the investigation’s focus on Gerada – who would later legally change his name to Vinzent Tarantino (a homage to Hollywood director, Quentin Tarantino; and the character Vincent Vega from Tarantino’s film Pulp Fiction) – eventually waned.
Another potential sighting of the suspect vehicle (along potentially with the suspects), is by Quanne’s father. Sam Diec testified on the stand at Vinzent Tarantino’s trial (via the aid of a Cantonese interpreter) that he saw a white van, with two men inside, in their street that morning – which he felt was unusual, as their street was a dead end. He also stated that the van was “running very slowly and the driver was staring at me”, to which he felt “very strange” (Sources: SMH, 7 News via YouTube).
There was another person of interest, during the investigation, whom also allegedly drove a white van. The individual – whom is unnamed in media reports; and is now deceased – was a male employee of the Australia Post International Mail Centre; and was a Vietnam Veteran. This person was also brought to attention during Vinzent Tarantino’s trial – with both the Prosecution and Defence respectively making statements regarding him.
It was reported the Crown Prosecutor at the trial, Pat Barrett, had informed the jury regarding this person of interest, including alleged accounts by his former co-workers, that he reportedly made “revolting racist and sexist” remarks; and was described as being a “beast” and “smelly”. However, the Prosecution also stated about this POI, with regards to Quanne’s disappearance, that it was the “extent of anything implicating him in any way”. However, Tarantino’s barrister, Belinda Rigg SC, countered and argued there was “a reasonable possibility” that this individual was involved in Quanne’s disappearance.
Many shocking allegations and aspersions regarding this individual, arose during the course of Tarantino’s trial and reported in the media. This included accounts that he expressed a hatred towards Asians; and also openly expressed very lewd and deviant sexual views. On the latter, it’s alleged he stated having an interest in young girls and having “deviant views” on Asian women. It’s also alleged that he bragged about having sex with young Asian girls; and most disturbingly, openly discussed about what sexual acts/fantasies he wanted to perform upon girls aged between 10 to 12 years old (Sources: SMH here and here, News.com.au here).
It’s alleged this individual took leave from work, just after Quanne’s disappearance. Although there appears to be no published reports confirming this, it implies this person was working on the day of her disappearance. There are no other published reports or public statements regarding this individual being discounted as a person of interest in Quanne’s case.
There is also the account of a witness, named Romain Maas – who’s evidence was highlighted by the Defence during Tarantino’s trail. According to Mr Maas, he saw on the morning of Quanne’s disappearance - a man he described as “Lebanese-looking” leading an Asian girl across the road, whilst gripping her wrist. He claims to have been outside when he heard a shout or yell; and then heard the girl say “Help me” – the man who was with her then said “she’s my girlfriend”; with Mr Maas then deciding not to get involved (Source: SMH).
With regards to the original investigation, although Quanne’s case did remain in the consciousness of the Sydney public and continued to receive sporadic media attention, it appeared to have hit a brick wall and had gone cold. For 18 years, Quanne’s family had held hope that she was still alive and would eventually return home one day. They refused to move from their Granville home for this reason; and as practicing Buddhists, continued to pray for her return. Sam Diec even went as far as travelling to other parts of the country in the search for his daughter, following information of alleged sightings. That hope eventually came crashing down for the Diec family, when what appeared to be a major development happened.
The Confession, Arrest and Trial of Vinzent Tarantino
On Sunday, 20 November 2016, at around 3.40 pm in the afternoon, a man walked into Surry Hills Police Station – not far from the Sydney CBD. He presented himself, telling the officer on duty “I need to hand myself in for a homicide… it’s all been building up for me and it’s too much”. He was taken in by detectives, whom proceeded to conduct a formal interview – which took place just after 8.00 pm that evening.
This man would eventually declare during the interview, that he had abducted and killed Quanne Diec on 27 July 1998, claiming his motivation was: “… I was in a lot of debt and I had this stupid idea of ransom…”. He further elaborated: “It was a stupid ransom attempt and it went wrong and I just want to resolve it for the family and try and bring the girl home for her family… I was going to let her go and I just panicked". He claimed that he’d taken Quanne, whilst she was walking to Clyde Railway Station; and had strangled her – then had taken and buried her body in bushland to the south of Sydney (Source: ABC).
That man was Vinzent Tarantino (formerly Victor Gerada) – as mentioned above in the Background and Case Outline, had been a person of interest in the original investigation by Strike Force Lyndey. As previously mentioned, Tarantino’s mental health had deteriorated in the intervening years. He was still extremely paranoid that the Rebels Motorcycle Club were still out to get him, - as retribution for speaking to Police following the Blackmarket Café murders. He had changed his name, but also had moved addresses on several occasions due to these fears – and went to extreme lengths to conceal and distance himself from his past. His paranoia of the Rebels was still very strong, even at the time of his confession – stating to Police during his interview: “…now my partner’s been threatened with gang raping; and my father and brothers have been threatened to be killed in a contract killing” (Source: ABC).
However, Tarantino also experienced a number of mental breakdowns and psychotic episodes over the years; including violent outbursts and attempts of self harm and suicide. Some of these incidents also involved Police intervention, which resulted in violent confrontations. One such incident, Tarantino reportedly threw a Molotov cocktail at Police officers; and sprayed another officer with petrol (gasoline). He also reportedly had a violent alteration in 2006 with his then partner – after she found out he hadn’t disclosed the truth about his past to her (Source: SMH).
Even during presenting himself at Surry Hills Police Station, his mental health was still a topic. He was found to be carrying a 35 centimetre (13.78 inch) kitchen knife when he presented; which was apparently a pattern of Tarantino’s behaviour from his previous breakdowns. Tarantino was also charged with carrying an offensive weapon, in relation to the knife – which was dealt with separately to the charges he would face relating to Quanne; and which he plead Gulity to and received a conviction for (Source: Nine News via MSN).
Also whilst at the Police Station, one of Tarantino’s brothers called his mobile phone – his brother spoke to officers, warning them: "[he] has psychological issues and I'm worried about him".
Tarantino’s mental health and his paranoia of the Rebels, would be continuing themes throughout his legal proceedings.
Following the interview, Tarantino was informed by Detective Sergeant Wayne Plumeridge (the custody manager on duty at Surry Hills Police Station) that he was under arrest – Tarantino responded that he understood his arrest; and also allegedly stated “I’m a grub, I don’t deserve a trial”. Police proceeded to charge Tarantino in relation to the abduction (specifically – “detain for advantage”) and murder of Quanne; and was remanded in custody (Sources: SMH: here and here).
The following day (Monday, 21 November 2016), Tarantino faced Central Local Court in Sydney for a preliminary hearing. He did not apply for bail – and was formally refused bail. However, during proceedings, Tarantino made a remark in court, against his own solicitor’s advice: "I believe my brother … and my partner … have been murdered in retaliation for what I've done" – a statement which was untrue (Sources: News.com.au, ABC).
On that same day – NSW Police also conducted a forensic search of his father’s home in Second Street, Granville. Police also conducted a Press Conference, conducted by Superintendent Scott Whyte of the Rosehill Local Area Command. At this conference, Supt. Whyte stated that Tarantino had been a person of interest in this case; and also alleged that Tarantino told detectives information “…that only the murderer would know”.
On Wednesday, 23 November 2016 – Police took Tarantino, under guard, to a location he claimed to have buried Quanne. Tarantino had told detectives he had taken Quanne’s body to bushland, just off Appin Road in Bulli Tops – south of Sydney and just north of the regional city of Wollongong. He stated that he took Quanne’s body – initially leaving it in bushland a short distance from the road, but then returned, placing it into and moving it with a wheelie bin; and along with a shovel, a machete and a glass covered candle; found and buried it in a spot. Tarantino lead detectives on the search, which was filmed by Police – however, he seemed somewhat confused and disoriented of the location. After five and a half hours of searching, no remains or other evidence was located (Sources: Daily Telegraph, SMH here and here).
The NSW Police later conducted a second search for Quanne the following year – starting on 31 July 2017, over a three day period – in bushland within the district of Cataract, a neighbouring locality to Bulli Tops. Sam Diec was present at this search for his daughter; however again, Police were unsuccessful in locating any remains or evidence (Sources: ABC, Nine News).
A second formal interview was conducted by Police with Vinzent Tarantino on 28 November 2016, in which detectives attempted to obtain more specific details about the crime. It appears further clarification wasn’t forthcoming during this interview, however Tarantino did express that he felt terrible about what had happened (Sources: ABC and News.com.au).
Tarantino remained under custody, in remand – his committal hearing not commencing until early March 2018. However, Tarantino’s position changed during this period – he had recanted his confession and was now denying he had abducted and murdered Quanne. He would enter a plea of Not Guilty. His committal hearing (set down for five days), was conducted within the first week of March 2018 at Parramatta Local Court. Evidence was tendered by the Crown Prosecution – along with calling witnesses. A trial was set down, following the committal hearing – but it was another 18 month wait (Source: Nine News).
The trail commenced on 9 September 2019, in the NSW Supreme Court, with Tarantino pleading Not Guilty. The trail would last for two months. The Crown Prosecution’s case was that Tarantino had abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered Quanne; and that he confessed this crime to two ex-partners, a former friend; and to his own brother. The Defence argued that Tarantino did not abduct and murder Quanne and had made a false confession – motivated by his psychotic state and his belief the Rebels Motorcycle Club were still after him, believed he would be safer being in custody (Source: 7 News, SMH).
Tarantino and his Defence did agree that he was present in the area, on the morning of Quanne’s disappearance – and did pick up a female from Factory Street in his work van. However, the Defence claims that female, whom Tarantino allegedly picked up, was an adult sex worker, whom went by the alias of “Dee” (Source: SMH). However, no-one (Police, Prosecution or Defence) could not locate this alleged sex worker, to obtain a statement or call as a witness (Source: SMH). The Defence also argued there was “a reasonable possibility” that another person of interest, the Mail Centre worker (as outlined in the Background and Case Outline section above) was responsible for Quanne’s disappearance and murder.
Several witnesses were called up in the trail. All immediate members of Quanne’s family gave evidence on the stand – her parents Sam Diec and Ann Ngo, both of whom utilised the assistance of a Cantonese translator, along with her brother Sonny Diec and her sister Dr Tina Diec. Notably, Sam gave his eyewitness account of seeing a white van with two men in it, driving suspiciously in their street (as outlined in the Background and Case Outline section above).
The Prosecution also called witnesses, in regards to Tarantino’s alleged confessions. One was his ex-girlfriend, Laila Faily. Ms Faily testified that Tarantino confessed to her that he’d taken Quanne and ended up killing her, because “…she was making too much noise”. She also testified that she accompanied Tarantino on a drive to a National Park, in his van (stating that it had a “strange smell”) – and that he stopped the van and removed a wheelie bin from the back. Ms Faily also stated that Tarantino told her he had a fetish for “girls in school uniform” and asked her during sex “do you want me to do what I did to her?” (Sources: Nine News via MSN)
Tarantino’s barrister sort to discredit this witness, arguing inconsistencies in her previous statements. Also, Tarantino denied and took offense to Ms Faily’s evidence that suggested he had raped Quanne Diec, stating it was the “worst fabrication” (Source: News.com.au). Tarantino also now claimed the contents of the wheelie bin did not contain a body, but instead contained firearms, along with cocaine stored within a Tupperware container (Source: SMH).
Another witness was a former friend, Geoff Maurer – whom testified that Tarantino confessed to “taking an Asian girl”, but things went wrong and Tarantino, in his words, had “cancelled her out” (Source: MamaMia via MSN).
Evidence was tendered by the Prosecution, that Tarantino admitted years later to another ex-girlfriend, that he killed Quanne during a botched ransom bid (Source: MamaMia via MSN).
The Prosecution also tendered evidence, of a recorded phone conversation that Vinzent had with his brother, Allan Gerada – alleging he said: “I killed a kid Allan, I’m fucked” (Source: SMH).
However, Tarantino’s Defence contested that these confessions were “false”, which he made up in the belief he needed to do so protect his and his loved one’s lives (Source: MamaMia via MSN).
His barrister, Belinda Rigg SC, conceded that her client’s “world” was different to her own, and that although he was firmly of the view he “did not” have a mental illness, the jury could possibly conclude he was psychotic at the time of his confession – and advised the jury “You are required to consider another man’s mind” (Sources: SMH, ABC, Canberra Times).
Two forensic psychiatrists – Dr Andrew Ellis and Dr Adam Martin; and a clinical and forensic psychologist – Dr Katie Seidler, were called upon to give evidence regarding Vinzent Tarantino’s mental state. All agreed that he had likely suffered a mental illness for some time.
Dr Ellis tendered that Tarantino was most likely suffering a psychosis, at the time of his confession; and suggested a likely diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder. Dr Martin also tendered that Tarantino most like had either schizoaffective disorder or schizophrenia. Dr Seidler tendered that Tarantino became embroiled in a delusional thought system; and had struggled with “…a psychotic condition for almost two decades”. Dr Martin however conceded that neither he, nor Dr Ellis or Dr Seidler, had the opportunity to examine Tarantino before writing their reports, quipping “It’s all a bit speculative” (Sources: SMH, ABC).
Tarantino’s mental health state was also punctuated by his courtroom behaviour – frequently interjecting and making outbursts during proceedings. The presiding Judge, Justice Robert Beech-Jones warning Tarantino on his second day of evidence, after the jury left the courtroom – to “keep acting like that” if he wanted to convict himself and stating “I understand your outburst… This is not the place of outbursts” (Source: SMH).
The jury retired for deliberations on 29 October 2019 – with Justice Robert Beech-Jones discharging one juror; with the remaining 11 person jury proceeding to consider their verdict (Source: 7 News).
The jury returned on 6 November 2019 – delivering the verdict of Not Guilty on all charges relating to Quanne’s abduction and murder. Vinzent Tarantino was immediately released from custody by the Judge.
Tarantino made comments to the awaiting media outside of court, including criticisms of the media’s investigative journalism and not meeting their obligations to ‘seek the truth’ – but also made the comment to the media to “get their chequebooks ready”. He also accused the Police of ‘changing evidence’ in the case, which he claimed to have ‘proof’ of. Tarantino also made the allegation, regarding his role in the search at Bulli Tops: “Because I had a gun pointed at me in the back of the Correctional Services van. That happened” (Sources: SMH, Sky News via YouTube).
The Diec family were absolutely devastated by the verdict. The family held a press conference outside Granville Police Station. Quanne’s cousin, Christine Woo, broke down while delivering a statement on behalf of the family – the full video from 7 News (via YouTube) can be seen here.
My Opinion and Theories
Obviously, it is very sad and destressing that after 22 years, there is still no answer on what happened to Quanne. Her family – and especially her parents, Sam and Ann – have and still carry a lot of pain after all this time. At this point, it appears the investigation is at a dead end; and it’s difficult to see whether that answer will ever be found.
Firstly, my opinion is that Quanne was indeed abducted from Factory Street at Granville – outside of the Australia Post International Mail Centre; and forced into a van against her will. I also believe there was a sexual motivation to this crime – and sadly I believe that Quanne was unfortunately sexually assaulted before being murdered.
As to who actually did it – from my perspective, there does appear to be more than one person of interest in this case.
Keeping this short and sweet, I do not believe Vinzent Tarantino (owing to his mental health) or the Mail Centre worker (whom I suspect was actually inside the Mail Centre at the time) were responsible for Quanne's disappearance.
My opinion is, the two witnessed by Quanne’s father, Sam Diec driving suspiciously in a white van along Seventh Street, are the prime suspects. I’m also inclined to believe the eyewitness statement of Romain Maas too. As troubling as Mr Maas’ reaction to the events he encountered might be, the man he described as seeing – I’m inclined to believe was the passenger of the van that Mr Diec had earlier seen.
I’m inclined to believe these two men were local to the Granville area, or if not – had familiarity with it. I also suspect that Quanne may have been stalked in the days or weeks leading into her disappearance.
Regarding the location of her remains – and returning to that anonymous caller to Crime Stoppers, who gave the Duck River tip off - I’m inclined to believe the information that they gave maybe true. I don’t believe the caller is either one of those two men – although I do suspect the caller could be either a close friend, or a relation to one of, if not, both of the men.
Looking at Google Maps (here) and Street View, along with historical aerial images from the NSW Government’s Spatial Information Exchange (SIX) Viewer website (aerial image from 1998, here) – I think it's highly plausible that Quanne was disposed of in the vicinity of the Duck River, although my leaning is towards the parklands along the South Granville (western) side of the river, around the vicinity of Mackay Road, due to their relative seclusion – compared to the Auburn (eastern) side of the river. Perhaps Police were just slightly off looking in the right spot?
Alternatively, another possible location is a significant bushland reserve south of this locality, on the soutside of Wellington Road, to the west of Auburn Golf Course.
We can only hope however, that someone can be forthcoming with new information to the Police, that can not only identify and bring the true culprits to justice; but also finally locate Quanne. I hope she finally receives the proper and dignified farewell that she deserves; and that her family can finally have some peace.
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2020.05.10 12:00 C19NewsBot Coronavirus Australia News Updates (10 May)

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2020.01.28 08:29 CowFos Why the Sydney Swans Dylan Stephens looms as a real menace for AFL opponents in 2020

Original Article Link (Paywalled)
Sydney has some fast players. But when they took off for a 2km time-trial, they couldn’t get near Dylan Stephens. And one senior Swan says the No.5 draft pick can terrorise opposition defences in 2020.
Dylan Stephens has already made his way into an AFL legend’s SuperCoach side (*Jonathon Brown, see bottom of article) before a Sherrin is booted in anger and one of his Swans’ teammates is confident the teenager will prove an utter menace to tiring defences in 2020.
The Swans’ No.5 draft pick number five has impressed senior players since arriving at the Swans with former Brisbane Lions favourite Jonathan Brown pencilling Stephens into his SuperCoach side for 2020.
The 19-year-old midfielder’s speed, engine and left foot have also caught the eye of teammate Isaac Heeney.
He believes Stephens, something of an unknown factor for rivals to grapple with, can really come into his own as contests enter the closing stages.
Heeney looked on as Stephens saw off some serious running competition to win a recent 2km time-trial.
“He’s a little whippet. Running that time-trial was incredible,” Heeney told The Daily Telegraph.
“We’ve got some fit players. Robbie Fox is extremely fit, Jordan Dawson too (the duo finishing second and third), he just took off and they couldn’t get near him. It was an impressive performance.
“He has a pretty big weapon of a left foot too, which is extremely exciting. Hopefully he can jump straight in and do some damage for us.
“Someone who can run the game out like that are really important They can turn a game purely off their fitness and ball handling in the last half to last quarter.”
As for SuperCoach, Brown clearly likes the potential on offer from the Swans draftees with defender Will Gould among his bench options for the 2020 campaign.
Heeney recently spoke about his near brush with the bushfires and his desire to help. The 23-year-old and his partner Lauren spent a few days around New Year with Luke Parker and his partner Kate at the latter’s holiday home in Manyana, a small beach town 200km south of Sydney on the NSW South Coast.
As well as putting his hand up to play in the State of Origin bushfire fundraiser, Heeney could be among those to participate in AFL community camps in the next two months, with both the Swans and the Giants heading to areas which include those impacted by bushfires.
The Swans’ community camps will include the Southern Highlands, Batemans Bay and Ulladulla (February 18-19) while the Giants will take in the South Coast, Sapphire Coast, Southern NSW and Canberra (March 8-9).
* Jonathon Brown "My spies around the country tell me ... No.5 draft pick Dylan Stephens is ready for senior action at Sydney, which will be looking to refresh its ageing midfield this season"
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2019.07.13 22:33 skeeter1980 23yo NRL-Parramatta Eels star Tepai Moeroa signs 2 year deal with the Waratahs and has Wallaby gold in his sights

Bringing the Bledisloe Cup back to Australia is one of the key motivators behind Tepai Moeroa’s shock switch from the NRL to rugby.
The 23-year-old Parramatta Eels forward will join NSW Waratahs on a two-year deal from next season, and already has Wallaby gold in his sights.
“First off I want to get a game with the Tahs, that would be a nice start, but the end goal is to win a Super Rugby championship, play for the Wallabies, but I’d like to get the Bledisloe back in Australia,” Moeroa told The Sunday Telegraph.
“That would be something I’d be looking to have an influence on and helping make happen.
“I’ve been to a few of the Wallabies versus All Blacks games, just to hear some of the fans and people and their comments about Australian rugby. I burn, because I know that Australian rugby is so much better than what they think it is.
“Just the way they talk about Australian rugby makes me burn. I want to have an influence in helping Australia get back to where they deserve.
“I want to bring the Bledisloe back to where it belongs.”
Australia has not held the Bledisloe Cup since 2002.
Moeroa, a former Australian Schoolboys rugby star, will run out for his 103rd NRL match today at Bankwest Stadium, a ground that he will call home for the Waratahs next year in Super Rugby.
The 112kg behemoth will make the move from the pack in league to midfielder in rugby, radically transforming the Waratahs’ attacking game plan which has used two playmakers in recent years.
“I’ve been playing a lot of backrow and prop but normally it’s backrow, it is incredibly similar to playing inside centre in rugby, there’s a lot of similarities in the lines you run, defensive movements you need to do,” Moeroa said.
“Playing lock also helps because I’ve been ball-playing in the middle, and that helps at No. 12 because I can ball-play if I need to or run a line.
“It’s good that I’ve been playing lock and backrow in league because it will hopefully transfer easily.
“I like that role, if that’s what the Tahs want me to do then I’ll be trying my best to bend that line, I’m keen.”
Moeroa, whose partner Kim is expecting their second child in a fortnight, revealed he was close to joining NSW last season.
“My last contract negotiation was last year, I was thinking of coming over to rugby, coming to the Tahs, but I’d just bought a house. Obviously the money in rugby and rugby league, there was a substantial difference,” Moeroa said.
“The money in league was just too good, considering I’d just bought my house, with a young family as well.
“The best option at the time was to take the Parra offer and hopefully smash out the house [payments].
“But now, I don’t want to die wondering.
“I’m turning 24 this year, so I’m still relatively young I like to think. I’ll give it a couple of years, give it a red hot crack and see where that journey takes me.
“I’ve played 100 games of rugby league, did a bit of Junior Kangaroos, Prime Minister’s XIII, All Stars, Emerging Blues for a bit, but it just felt like if I was ever to come back to rugby it would be now.
“I didn’t want to stay in rugby league and have that ‘what if, what would have happened if I went to rugby’. You don’t want to die without trying. I don’t want to get to my 30s and wonder what would have happened if I’d went to rugby.
“[Waratahs general manager of rugby] Tim Rapp was at Newington while I was there for a few years, he’s one of the big reasons why I’m here at the Tahs. I just missed playing rugby, to be honest.
“When I was growing up, there were a lot of boys playing rugby out west but for them, there was just no avenue past club rugby.
“Once they played a few years of club rugby they switched over to league because there are so many steps and pathways, from Harold Mathews to SG Ball, so many steps. They saw those options in league that they didn’t have in rugby so they switched over and tried to make it in the NRL.
“For rugby, there are a lot of great players out west, it would be a smart idea to invest in that pool because there’s so much untapped potential out there.”
For now, Moeroa is dreaming of a fairytale finish with the Eels, who are seventh on the NRL ladder.
“I want to leave the club on a good note, hopefully play some finals footy and ultimately win the grand final,” Moeroa said.
“That end goal is I want to have a good finish with Parra.”
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2019.06.23 05:10 ClaudeCrow Michael Hutchence

Michael Hutchence
To the Reddit Conspiracy Gods:

I come to you in need of help, on a project I’ve been working on for nearly five years. Lives may be at stake, on multiple continents. My team went public two weeks ago. But we were shut down immediately by facebook, and I was “shadowbanned” on twitter several days after that (this has since been lifted, but I’ve started seeing signs that it might be coming back).
The project I’ve been working on involves one of the more controversial celebrity deaths of the last 30 years – it involves a famous Rockstar, Michael Hutchence, and his Financial Manager, Colin Diamond, who is connected to the mafia, and who essentially disappeared after the rockstar’s body was found, and liquidated his client’s entire $22 million estate (valuation in 1997 – over $100 million now) – the financial manager now island hops between various countries (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, etc), on his yacht (named “Elusive”), and has multimillion dollar houses all over the world, purchased using his former client’s money.
I have been working with major media organizations around the world for several years now, trying to get this story out there, but it always ends up getting shut down. I was told, by my main source, that this would be the case, from the very beginning. I thought they made some sense, but didn’t fully believe them. Then, I experienced it directly. Journalists and editors from major media organizations worked with us, told us they thought our story was credible, but told us they could not publish it, that every major media organization in their part of the world had been threatened with lawsuits by the people we will be revealing, and, moreover, “they were afraid of ‘who these people know.’” That is a direct quote. From a producer at the largest media organization in a major OECD country.
The rockstar around whom this project revolves is Michael Hutchence, the lead singer of INXS. For those who are too young to know, INXS were one of the biggest bands in the world in the late 1980s (before Guns n Roses, and then Nirvana & Pearl Jam). They toured to sold-out crowds worldwide and sold over 50 million albums. Michael Hutchence, the lead singer, was considered one of the greatest frontmen in rock history, readily compared to the likes of Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger. Entertainment Weekly called him “the definition of sex from 1987-1991.”
A documentary about his life – and very skimpily about his death – has been premiering at film festivals around the world for the last month or so (Tribeca, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne), and will release wide to the public in Australian theatres in two weeks (July 4th). It will then air on Australian TV in November, to coincide with the anniversary of Michael’s death, and eventually sell wide to distributors around the world (likely HBO, Netflix, etc).
The reason I come to you is because I have seen this documentary, and I have spoken with its Director (going back several years), and an ENORMOUS PART of what really happened, the lion’s share, I would argue, is not even MENTIONED in the documentary – and this is the same part of the story that all the other major media organizations REFUSE TO PUBLISH – all of them refusing to do so OUT OF FEAR.
Out of fear of lawsuits (the main culprit – Colin Diamond -- claims to be a lawyer [although you won’t find a practicing law certificate with his name on it in any of the jurisdictions where he claims to practice law {i.e., the places I mentioned he hops around}]), but, again, and perhaps more honestly (as this is how it was expressed to me), out of fear of “who these people know.”
I have an abundance of material about this project, but I need your help in EXPOSING it to the public. Because we’ve gone public, and been shut down, my sources and myself are in EXTREME DANGER. Currently, they are in a secure location, but, for reasons I cannot disclose, that will not last forever, so the clock is ticking. Time is not on our side. We need to expose this, as far and wide as possible, over the coming weeks and months, so it becomes SO BIG that the major media organizations can ignore it no longer. They will have to publish on it, because it is ALL OVER the place already, ON THE INTERNET.
(Ftr, I was approached last month by a journalist, who works with one of the largest newspapers in the world, asking if we want to go public, through them, but, having already worked with this outlet before, a couple years back, I have doubts as to what would really happen, and how much of what we have to say would actually get exposure [let’s just say, our experience the last time around was not encouraging].)
Because of the volume of information I have about this topic, it will be a bit difficult to curate it all into one tidy post, but I will do the best I can to post the most crucial information in this initial post, and will post further information down the line, as it makes sense to. I also plan on making myself available to answer as many sensible questions as you all may have, and as I have answers to. If I do not know something, I will let you know. And if I do know something, I will let you know, to the best extent possible, and as honestly and openly as I can, how I know what I know, and how confident I am in that particular piece of knowledge. I don’t claim to know absolutely every possible thing there is to know surrounding this topic, there is just too much to know, and much of it is tightly held, and extremely secretive, but I do have a vast amount of both public and non-public information on this topic (I have multiple inside sources, as well as non-public, damning, unseen documents, as well as deep contact, over many years, with members of the rockstar’s family).
With all that being said, it would seem an appropriate time to start walking you all through the most relevant information and both the public and non-public evidence I have compiled. There is too much information to reasonably fit into this first post, so the following will be my best attempt to quickly and succinctly provide you all with everything you need to get a strong handle on the subject, and to get started down whatever avenue(s) you/we all decide to go.

These are a few pictures of Michael Hutchence, in case you're not familiar:

The following are some of INXS’ bigger music videos and biggest concert (1991, London, Wembley) so, if you're not familiar, you can get an idea who the band and rockstalead singer (Michael Hutchence) are:

Here are some other important clips, mostly from the mid-to-late 90s, before Michael’s death:

Here are three major documentary-style productions that were done, from the late 90s and early 2000s, after Michael’s death (note: not a single one of them MENTIONS Colin Diamond, or what he did with Michael Hutchence’s estate – which is one of the primary angles of our investigation):

These are clips of three people highly involved in the matter (Paula Yates & Tiger, Sir Bob Geldof) not long after Michael’s passing:

This is a piece of shit two-part miniseries that came out in Australia in February 2014 – it’s fucking awful, especially if you know what’s really going on (Colin Diamond, the financial manager, was behind this production), but feel free to torture yourself for three hours if you’re the masochistic type:

These are some more recent clips that are relevant:
<<***MISSING*** - Tim Farriss, lead guitarist of INXS, brings up theory that Michael might've been murdered>>

This is the documentary released in October 2017 by the financial manager. After 20 years of basically hiding from the public eye, he suddenly emerged from the shadows, just months after I had spread the story of what he’d done to hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals, privately. His appearance in it came as a last-minute addition, and surprise, and in it he clearly is still in possession of Michael’s personal belongings, as if he has some appropriate claim to them. Those, like the rest of Michael’s assets, should undoubtedly belong to Michael’s family, as part of Michael’s estate, and according to the terms laid out in Michael’s Will. It is also obvious that Diamond is living on an extremely nice property, most certainly paid for using Michael’s money. We were aware that Colin Diamond was in charge of this production from a very early stage (we received threatening phone calls from his puppet / thug / public face, Ron Creevey, prior to its announcement), and warned members of the family, and others, that, regardless of how the production was being presented, Colin Diamond, ultimately, was in control of it. In the end, he used this production to further control the narrative, alternating between themes of suicide and autoerotic asphyxiation, when it comes to Michael’s death, so as to confuse the public, and keep the spotlight off not just his theft of the estate, but the third possibility (murder) as well.

This is the trailer for the documentary that is premiering at film festivals right now – to be released wide in Australian theatres in a month (July 4th, 2019), then possibly in theatres worldwide, and then on tv in Australia (the ABC) in November 2019, and then likely tv/streaming worldwide, on HBO or Netflix:

In this article by Variety magazine, about the release of the first of the two documentaries mentioned immediately above (the one by the financial manager), we went public for the first – and until two weeks ago, only -- time, about two years ago. At the time, I kept my sources private, as this was our first attempt at going public, and was only temporary; this time around, we are going COMPLETELY PUBLIC, for the LONG HAUL, and thus revealing my sources’ identities.
What was so interesting about this first attempt is who it attracted (one of the Diamond brothers, et al) and how much the comments section of this article BLEW UP. For those who are not aware, the comments section at Variety, the world’s most reputable magazine for those who work in the entertainment industry, are highly moderated, and usually include serious entertainment industry professionals – they tend to be much higher brow than your typical comment section on the internet. Take note of the INSANE response from Stephen “Stevie” Diamond. He is the brother of Colin Diamond, Michael’s financial manager, and was Michael’s estate attorney. He is an absolute space cadet, but is, as strange as it sounds, also highly intelligent, and a cunning lawyer.

Now, if those responses from Stevie didn’t seem plausible to you, didn’t seem realistic, didn’t seem like a real person could have possibly written them; well, I recommend you watch this, a music video made by Stevie Diamond, in front of a candlelit grand piano, singing to Michael, and Michael’s daughter, Tiger, in the afterlife:

Stevie also recorded several CDs singing Michael’s songs, spending thousands of dollars to have them professionally recorded. He believes he channels Michael Hutchence, and that he communicates with Michael in the afterlife. He still owns Michael’s journals, and many other of Michael’s personal affects, that were left in Room 524, after Michael’s death, and can regularly be seen wearing one of Michael’s leather jackets. He rented the room out, where Michael’s body was found, every weekend, for two years, after Michael’s death. Amongst other things, he used to perform seances in the room.

Here’s a screenshot of my facebook takedown notice, which happened within 15 minutes of the page being put up (immediately after I asked the director of ‘Mystify: Michael Hutchence,’ Richard Lowenstein, to be my friend). Richard knows full well who I am – we have discussed this topic in private (including via email), and, as you can see from the Variety article above, he was one of the first commenters in the same comment section I first went (semi-)public in two years ago.

Here’s my twitter page, devoted to this topic:

And here are screenshots of my initial posts, in case my twitter page gets shut down again (it took a full five days til twitter started shutting it down the first time – they have since put it back up, but I’m starting to see signs that they might be taking it down again soon – I believe multiple parties [the Diamonds, Richard Lowenstein, et al] might be trying to shut it down):

These are the some of the most important articles to gain a strong understanding of what’s gone on.
The first is by one of the top investigative journalists in Australia – Kate McClymont – with whom I’ve discussed the issue, written originally in 1998, not long after Michael’s passing, and updated over the subsequent seven years, as more and more court cases were resolved, regarding Michael's estate (it was written for the Sydney Morning Herald, the largest newspaper in Australia, and the same story was carried on the media conglomerate’s [Fairfax Media – one of the largest, if not the largest, media companies in Australia] other papers [I’ve included the version that was published in The Age, another major newspaper in Australia]) – we call this “The Missing Millions” article:

The second is by one of New Zealand’s top journalists, Tony Wall, written for a larger newspaper in New Zealand, the Sunday Star Times. It came out in 2005, about two weeks after the above article. I have also talked with Tony Wall about this topic. It goes into detail about Colin Diamond's shady personal life, including how Colin divorced his wife, and married her daughter (his stepdaughter, and the [8-yr old] flower girl at his wedding to her mother), as well as how his wife described him as a mystery to everyone around him, including his family, constantly traveling in and out the country, to locations and for reasons unbeknownst to his wife and family (think: mafia/underworld). We call this the “Black & White” article.

In this article, published about two weeks after Michael’s death, Kym Wilson, Michael’s longtime friend, and the last person known to have seen him alive (just hours before his body was found), says he absolutely was NOT suicidal, as she talked with him for five-plus hours that night, and originally believed he must’ve been murdered (this article has been taken down / become very difficult to find, so I’ve provided the screenshot here):

In this article, published in 1999, about 15 months after Michael’s body was found, two investigative journalists for The Courier Mail, a respectable newspaper in Australia, detail the Mafia connections to the story, and to Michael’s financial manager, Colin Diamond, and to his accountant (I’ve also included the screenshot here, as, like the previous article, it has been taken down / become very difficult to find):

In November 2017, The Paradise Papers (a sequel to The Panama Papers) were released. The ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) divvied up the 13 million (hacked/leaked) files into 96 different jurisdictions. For Australia, the biggest story was how Michael Hutchence got rolled up into the whole affair. His financial manager, Colin Diamond, had used the oldest offshore tax haven firm, the same one the Queen used, Appleby, based in Bermuda, and in existence, doing this kind of stuff, for over 100 years, to set up an offshore company/trust for Michael Hutchence’s estate. He claimed to be the sole beneficiary owner of the trust, and thus all the assets in it. He had put all of Michael’s multimillion dollar properties from all over the world, into the trust, so as to not count them as part of Michael’s estate. That’s how he avoided giving those assets to Michael’s family, which is what should have been done, per the Instruction’s in Michael’s Will, which was last updated in October 1996, about one year before Michael’s body was found, in his suite at the Ritz Carlton in Double Bay, Sydney, Australia, right before he and the band were to embark on their three month 20th year reunion tour of Australia. Putting all of Michael’s real estate assets aside, into the trust, so as to not count them as part of Michael’s estate, and thus not have to give them to Michael’s family, per the Instructions in Michael’s Will, is MOST CERTAINLY a violation of Colin Diamond’s Fiduciary Duty, as Michael’s financial manager, and as the Executor of the Trust. Putting HIMSELF as the sole beneficiary owner of that trust, is also most certainly an EGREGIOUS BREACH of Fiduciary Duty. And REMOVING MICHAEL’S FAMILY MEMBERS, as beneficiaries of the Trust, and REPLACING THEM with his OWN FAMILY MEMBERS (his parents – Gloria and Clifford - and his two sons – James and Liam) which is what he did, is likewise a BLATANT AND EGREGIOUS VIOLATION OF FIDUCIARY DUTY. This is not what Michael wanted. What he wanted was clearly spelled out in his Will. He wanted his estate to go to his charities and to his family. Seeing as how the estate is now possibly worth over $100 million, and is COMPLETELY in the possession of Colin Diamond, this alone is a GRAVE INJUSTICE (let alone what else Colin Diamond might have done, to secure the estate for himself [a little publicized fact is that, for the last year of Michael’s life, he was fighting with Colin Diamond over his estate, and especially so the last 4-6 months; and Michael’s portfolio was due to revert back to his control within days {some accounts say “weeks," but all accounts corroborate that it was to happen within a month} of Michael’s body being found]).
The following articles explore The Paradise Papers, and how they relate to Michael, his financial manager, and Michael’s estate, which was stolen by his financial manager. One of the most important pieces of information we learned from this leak was that Appleby, upon being asked to set up the offshore company/trust for Diamond, put a red flag on the account, due to the long history and rife potential for abuse of the estate by Colin Diamond (i.e., his stealing it from the family). Amazingly, despite putting the red flag on the account, Appleby still set up the account for Diamond anyway.

If you’re going to become a part this, you should definitely read these articles:

These articles dive into the mafia connection to the whole affair:

This is an episode of the ABC’s (Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s) Four Corners investigative journalism show. It is the longest running tv show in Australia. Sort of like 60 Minutes, but they focus the entire hour on one subject. My main source and I served as sources for this episode, as well as several of the articles covering the above.

In this article, from February 2014, between nights one and two of that terrible miniseries, “Never Tear Us Apart,” which I mentioned above, Michael’s sister-in-law, Mandy Nolan, delivers this gem: “The INXS story is extraordinary if you’re a fan… it’s about a band [making] it big in the states [in a way] that [no one] had ever done before, and doing it in an unconventional way. But [this miniseries] I think is a boring story… it doesn’t feel like a drama. [The period leading up to, and following Michael’s death, is what makes the real story an amazing story] That [story] is of Shakespearean proportions; Michael’s estate going missing, his daughter going into the custody of his partner’s ex-husband, the man he despised most on the planet basically, the family’s imploding, his financial manager, who was also Tiger’s guardian, basically going missing, along with all the assets.” THAT is what makes this story of Shakespearean proportions…

This article does an excellent job going in-depth and covering the latest developments (as of its publishing in November 2017) surrounding this story. My team and I were sources for this article as well.

This article, which was published online, and updated over the years, does an excellent job bringing in an abundance of additional information that might be relevant to this issue. Most all of the information is legitimate and checks out, whether the connections he draws do as well, is up to you to decide.

As I said at the beginning, I have an abundance of information about this topic. Above, I have tried to compile and curate the most important information you should know in order to get a handle on this topic. But I have much more information I still have yet to provide. I am trying to build a movement here, so that we can bring this cunt amongst cunts, Colin Diamond, to Justice. Everybody involved in this story is too terrified to even speak his name. You won’t see a single tv or movie production that mentions him, other than the one which he controlled, and, even then, I believe he only included himself because his hand was forced, as an attempt to soften the blow of being exposed (privately, but widely, and to powerful and influential people), and reestablish control of the narrative. The producers of other such features are just too afraid to bring him into the picture. He has threatened every major publication in Australia, and others elsewhere, that if they run with this story (and connect the dots too strongly), he will bring a lawsuit against them. That’s how he still controls this story. That’s how he controls the narrative. And if the public does not become aware of the reality, he will keep on getting away with… well, with whatever it is he’s done.
Michael’s daughter, Tiger, is set to inherit the trust when she turns 25, or, at least, that is what is supposed to happen. What will really happen… well, let’s just say we are concerned. If there was foul play involved in Michael’s death, and we have reason to believe there very well may have been, who’s to say Diamond will actually hand over the entire trust – all (potentially) $100-million-plus of it – to Tiger, as he is supposed to. He claims, at every opportunity, to be Tiger’s “godfather” and “guardian,” but, the reality is, he has had almost zero contact with her for her entire life. Furthermore, she has tried to get in contact with him, and with his lawyers, to figure out what exactly is going on, what will happen, with the trust, but, to the best of my knowledge, she has not been able to get in contact with him. Just as, presumably, he wants it to be. This is what he does. He island hops from place to place, on his yacht, named “Elusive” (Michael actually gave him the nickname “Mr. Elusive” – back before Diamond’s infamous “elusiveness” turned on Michael, the last year of Michael’s life). It’s essentially impossible to get a hold of him, if he does not want you to, and thus, you cannot serve him papers, to get him into court (he never once showed up in court, in all the previous trials, to the best of our knowledge). And this is exactly how he wants it to be. That way, he can continue living off and exploiting Michael’s estate, and nobody, seemingly, can do anything about it. We just fear, that, given the people Diamond is connected to – “who he knows” – that before Tiger turns 25, a similar fate might *coincidentally* befall her, that befell her father, and her mother, and her sister.
Let’s not let the fear of lawsuits, from this vile, unjust cunt, deter us. Acting alone, each of us could be picked off. Legally, or otherwise. But acting in concert, acting together, we can give this fucking cunt what he deserves, and maybe, just maybe, right this horrible wrong, turn what is unjust into justice, save Tiger from a potential “mishap” before she turns 25, get Michael’s family his estate, as laid out in his Will, and bring to light the true story of what really happened to Michael Hutchence – a story, as Mandy Nolan put it, truly “of Shakespearean proportions.”
Whatever help you can offer would be appreciated. At a minimum, if you can FOLLOW THE appropriate ACCOUNTS, on SOCIAL MEDIA, HELP SPREAD THE MESSAGE, that would be amazing. If you can do more, that would be appreciated, too. Feel free to reach out to me here, or on social media, if you have any information about this, know people who do, can help with some aspect of this, and/or just want to get involved.
As I said above, I have an abundance of information about this topic, and will be checking back in here periodically, so feel free to ask me any related, worthwhile questions, and if they’re reasonable, I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Claude Crow
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2019.03.11 14:42 osestella What was hard about your abortion process and what could made it easier?

Reading many posts here, I find that many women struggle with similar issues during the abortion process. I also noticed that most of the time our experience could have been easier.So I decided to write down some practical issues that may be causing abortion to be harder then it needs to be.I double checked all the information I wrote. But some of it may not be true to every country. With that in mind also feel free to correct me if my informations are wrong (Or other specific difficulties you may have in your country.)
Obviously I haven;t cover everything. There are many factors that may make the process difficult and each experience is very personal.I hope this can help us track the problems and solutions for the many factors that might be making this experience harder. And start a conversation about what can we do to make the procedure easier for us.
Here is my list:

- Unsuportlive and in comprehensive community. (Fear, shame and stigma.)
Most of us do not feel we can share this information with people near us out for fear of being judge. This means it can be hard to explain to your boss, to your SO, to your church, to your doctor, to your teachers, to your family, to your friends what is going on. This will cause many problems such as not being able to leave work to go to the doctor, lack of emotional/financial support from loved ones, judgement, isolation and stress.

- Dealing alone with the mental load Most women need to ask for the partner to take action (help to pay for costs, be there foi appointments, getting more information about the procedure, paying attention on dates, help to take care of the symptoms, help worrying about the experience). Most man don't post here to ask for information or ask on how they can support their partners. 99% of the time is the girl who is asking the questions. I find it would be much easier if the other person equally responsable would take more action.

- High costs Costs may vary from country to country but I find that the process is highly overpriced in most places.In my country you do the procedure at home and without supervision of a doctor. The medication they used in medical abortion (misoprostol) costs 4,99 euros in a regular pharmacy. In my country there is free public health so the obgyn is free - but the problem is a regular obgyn cannot prescribe you the pills (and you cannot buy the mifepristone). So the price sky rocket to a medical abortion of 600 euros. This means - basically - a margin of 99.1667%.(obs: I have not included the price of mifepristone because is not available in regular pharmacies in most countries. But even considering the price of mifepristone and costs of a private obgyn, the margin is still very high and the price seems unnecessarily high.)
I'm sure there are taxes and other factors that play a part in making it expensive. But the medical abortion was first designed to reduce costs - which didn't turn out to be the case.

- Hormones and symptoms Allowing women to do the abortion faster (if she chooses to) may decrease the hormonal impact. The faster the women are allow to do the procedure the easier the symptoms and recovery will be. Also decreasing other stresses would help women to have the mental space to care for their well being.

- Laws Many countries have anti abortion laws which makes abortion dangerous and expensive. It also creates more taboo and fear around it.In other countries most doctors are not allowed to perform the procedure or prescribe the medical abortion. We are forced to go to a specific clinic (sometimes not available in our area), even thought is a fairly easy procedure. It is also common to have forced waiting periods which can be up to 5 days depending on the country. This can prolong the waiting which - besides the underlying judgment and prejudice - worsen the symptoms, the anxiety, creates trauma and makes recovery harder.I think most women find the waiting to be the worst part and laws are not helping us to take care of things faster.

- Lack of information and education Ob-gyns usually don't bring up the subject with patients neither do schools, this leads to a lot of fear and doubts around the procedure. Not only "regular people" don't learn and talk about abortion I found out a lot of doctors also don't. Abortion isn’t part of the curriculum in most medical schools, although it’s an extremely common procedure. Abortion also isn’t commonly addressed in residency programs because some institutions, such as Catholic hospitals, refuse to address it. So there is also a lot of misinformation in the medical community.

A few articles on some of the topics.http://helloflo.com/is-your-doctor-an-abortion-provider-heres-why-it-matters/https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/opinion/why-the-12-abortion-pill-ru486-costs-australian-women-500/news-story/cdc978b519914ffb5c6a1264b3fd4f80https://www.abortionrightscampaign.ie/2018/03/16/lets-talk-about-mandatory-waiting-periods/

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2019.01.31 18:44 ZanyDelaney The Sydney cliff murders of gay men [Unresolved Crime]

In the 1970s and the 1980s, up to twelve men died at or disappeared from cliffs around Sydney. At the time some were judged as suicides or accidents. It is now believed gay bashers were responsible for throwing men from the top of cliffs. Many of the clifftop areas operated as a gay beat (outdoor cruising area) and the men disappeared while walking those areas alone at night. There were several other bashing deaths at other beats: often public toilets in parks.
In recent years, New South Wales police have been re-examining 88 crimes from 1970s, 80s and 90s, to assess how many might fit the gay-hate category, and if a homophobic police culture may have hindered the original investigations. The 88 crimes do not all involve beats or cliffs, but most have victims who were gay men or men possibly mistaken for being gay. The crimes occurred in different areas of the state of New South Wales, but mostly in Sydney.
Of these 88 crimes under review, 23 are unsolved. The cliff deaths and disappearances are included in the police review.
Three of the highest profile cases are those of Gilles Mattaini, Ross Warren, John Russell. They were gay men who were found dead at, or disappeared from, the cliff top beat at Marks Park, Tamarama [map] at night.
Mattaini went missing in September 1985, Warren went missing in July 1989, and Russell died in November 1989.
Scott Johnson's death in December 1988 at a cliff in North Head [map] near Manly has also attracted a lot of publicity in recent years.
These cases seem very similar but were not linked to each other or attributed to gay bashers at the time. Some were judged as suicides or accidental falls. Sydney's many cliffs are well known suicide locations. Also, Mattaini was not reported missing until 2002.
Police took just four days to conclude Warren fell accidentally into the sea. The Coroner later called that investigation "grossly inadequate and shameful" and concluded Warren was murdered and police now call it a "probable gay-hate crime".
The family of Simon Blair Wark who apparently died after falling from a different cliff, believe police too-quickly dismissed the death as a suicide.
The family of Scott Johnson reject police claims he probably committed suicide.
Buried in the review is the case of William Rooney, who was bashed to death in a lane in Wollongong in 1986. The investigation into Rooney's death seems to have been a perfunctory one, and it remains unsolved. Rooney might have been attacked by a serial rapist who operated in Wollongong in the late 1980s. Someone was convicted of similar crimes at the time, but no one was ever charged for the attack on Rooney.
The cliff deaths/disappearances
There are also a couple of cliff deaths included in the review, that seem more like suicides:
Crimes in other locations
News articles
Up to 80 men murdered, 30 cases unsolved
This police review was posted to UnresolvedMysteries/ in December 2018, but many commenters seemed to assume that between 30 and 90 men might have been been thrown from a cliff at Bondi Beach. BBC news article Scott Johnson death: It's 'inconceivable' my brother killed himself says "It's now estimated up to 80 gay men were murdered by homophobic gangs in and around Sydney in the late eighties - with many pushed off cliffs." This wording is also a bit misleading. The crimes involve a range of locations and not all happened at gay beats. There are about 12 cases where men died or disappeared from various cliffs around Sydney.
While over 80 crimes were included in the review, many don't seem to have been done by a gang of gay bashers. One unsolved case included in the review, that of Andrew Currie, appeared to be a drug overdose in a park, and Currie was not gay. The death of Samantha Raye, while included in the review, is seen as a likely suicide. Many of the crimes are solved and some are known to not be perpetrated by gay bashers but by people known to the victim who had specific motives.
But various crimes at beats do remain unsolved. This includes several well publicised cliff deaths, and the murder of William Rooney.
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2017.12.04 18:00 autobuzzfeedbot 14 Couples Who Have Gone Through Some Truly Batshit Crazy Things

  1. In 1994, Sgt. Stephen Schap was found guilty of the murder of Spec. Gregory Glover, his wife's lover, while stationed in Germany. Stephen decapitated him, and personally delivered his head to the hospital bed where his pregnant wife was resting. Stephen's wife was pregnant with Glover's child.
  2. In 2014, Adriana, a 39-year-old married woman from Brazil, wanted to find her long lost mother, who abandoned her when she was an infant. So, Adriana went on a TV show that helped locate her mother Maria. The two had an emotional reunion, but the mother revealed that she had also abandoned Adriana's infant brother, Leandro...who happened to be Adriana's now-husband. The couple vowed to stay together despite the incest.
  3. In 2011, Angela Voelkert created a Facebook account for a fake teenager to chat up her ex-husband David Voelkert, in an attempt to obtain incriminating information she could use in an ongoing child custody fight. In the Facebook messages, David admits to putting a tracking device on Angela's car and wanting to hire someone to kill her. Angela used the messages to obtain a restraining order against David, who was promptly arrested. Four days later, David was able to prove to the FBI that HE KNEW he was chatting with his ex-wife all along by providing a notarized affidavit that read, “I am lying to this person to gain positive proof that it is indeed my ex-wife trying to again tamper in my life.”
  4. In 1989 Patti and David Stallings gave birth to Ryan, who suffered from a series of health issues. Police questioned the married couple after an active antifreeze ingredient was found in his blood. He was taken away by child services, and the parents were allowed to see him for one hour a week. One day, after a supervised visit, Ryan was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and died. Patti was found guilty of her son's death, and sentenced to life in prison. While in prison, she gave birth to a second child, D.J., who appeared to have the same health issues as Ryan. It was discovered that both children suffered from a rare metabolic disorder. The prosecutor asked for the murder charge to be dismissed and Patti was freed after 14 months in jail.
  5. In 2001, Charles Ingram, along with the help of his wife Diana and fellow contestant Tecwen Whittock, cheated his way to a million pounds on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? with the help of coughs. Ingram would verbally go over the four answers to each question, and Whittock would cough to signal the right answer.
  6. Sana and Adnan Klaric, a married couple from Central Bosnia, began chatting online without realizing they were talking to one another. After confiding in each other about their marriage troubles, the two decided to meet for a date, only to discover they had been talking to each other all along. The two filed for divorce after accusing each other of being unfaithful.
  7. In 1967, Dr. Seuss' wife Helen Palmer committed suicide after discovering her husband's affair with Audrey Stone Dimond. Dr. Seuss started the affair while Palmer was suffering from cancer. After her death, Dr. Seuss went on to marry his mistress on June 21, 1968.
  8. In 65 AD, Emperor Nero kicked his wife Poppaea Sabina to death while she was pregnant with his child. He went into mourning, after which he had a slave boy, who looked like Poppaea, castrated and ordered to act as a stand in for his deceased wife.
  9. One night in 2006, Susan Walters returned home from work and was attacked by a hitman using a claw hammer. Despite receiving a couple of blows, Susan managed to outwrestle the hitman, and choked him to death. The hitman was hired by Michael Kuhnhausen, Susan's husband.
  10. A married couple in China appeared to be running a restaurant from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. everyday, astonishing locals with their rigorous 21-hour work days. The couple earned the moniker "the robot couple" because of how much they seemed to work. It was later revealed that the couple was actually a set of identical twins. Two twin brothers married two twin sisters, and the four of them decided to go into the restaurant business together.
  11. In 1996, Denise Rossi won $1.3 million in the California lottery. Eleven days later she filed for divorce from her husband, and chose to keep her winnings a secret. She said in a deposition that she concealed her winnings because she didn't want her ex-husband to "get his hands" on her money. In the end, a family court judge ruled that she violated state asset disclosure laws and awarded the ex-husband ALL of her lottery winnings.
  12. In February 2000, John Price took out a restraining order on his partner Katherine Knight. In return, Knight murdered Price by stabbing him 37 times. She skinned him, cooked his head and several other body parts with some vegetables, and neatly served them on plates next to placecards bearing Price's children's names.
  13. When Australian resident Noela Rukundo went to her native Burundi for a funeral, her husband Balenga Kalala took the opportunity to hire hitmen to kill her. The hitmen kidnapped Noela, but refused to kill her, since they didn't kill women and children. Instead, they gave Noela all the incriminating evidence, from recorded telephone conversations to Western Union receipts, to put her husband in jail. After Kalala told everyone back in Melbourne about his wife's death, Noela arrived home and had her husband arrested.
  14. In 1989, Charles Stuart and his pregnant wife Carol were supposedly robbed and shot by a black man in Boston. Stuart arrived at the hospital with a gunshot to the stomach, while his wife was fatally shot in the head. Doctors delivered her baby, two months premature, but he died shortly after. Boston police apprehended a suspect, who Stuart identified as his attacker. But on January 3, 1990, Stuart's brother confessed to police that Charles was the actual murderer of his wife. He had shot himself in the stomach to make it look like a robbery.
Link to article
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2017.09.29 12:43 janecarrow Seeking rebuttal to hand-ringing 'concerned mum' no-vote screed going around

A friend of mine, who is not political at all and says she hasn't made up her mind on voting yes or no, forwarded me the below email. It seems to have disturbed her and tipped her toward 'no' thanks to the weird conflation of a Yes Vote with Safe Schools, and somehow leading toward paedophiles being able to marry children. Sorry in advance for the wall of text, but this is the email (feel free to skim it once you have the gist). What I was hoping by posting this here is that someone will have a handy, pre-written rebuttal to this sort of alarmist 'salt of the earth mum who has discovered a secret conspiracy' propaganda. Anyone?
Here goes:
Subject: A letter to my friends and family - feel free to share this around
To my friends and family,
I write this letter to you all after much consideration and with a very heavy heart. I have thought long and hard about what I should do and have decided that I cannot keep silent any longer because I am seriously distressed by what is happening in our school system and to my beautiful country.
I’m sure that I will be labelled all sorts of nasty things and given the intimidation, threats and violence that’s occurring around the country I have not taken this action lightly. However it’s come to my attention that many people don’t know about the Safe Schools Coalition, its history and exactly what is being taught to our vulnerable and impressionable children. I urge you to reserve all of your opinions and judgements for after you have read what I have to say and after you have done your own homework and thinking.
I am going to try and only present facts, common sense and logic. I welcome any feedback (particularly with regards to the legal stuff so to all the lawyers out there please let me know if anything I have said is incorrect) but I have tried very hard to understand all this and come to an educated conclusion.
I first came to hear of the Safe Schools Coalition some months ago after reading a book and have since been researching – what I have discovered is extremely disturbing and almost beggars belief.
Firstly the history of Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) and who is responsible for writing the teaching material:
The SSCA launched by Labour (Penny Wong) in 2013, received $8 million of Federal government funding to develop an anti-bullying program specifically for same sex attracted and transgender children. This is the only funded anti-bullying program in Australia. The Victorian government has also funded Safe Schools Coalition Victoria with a commitment to introduce the curriculum in every state secondary school by 2019, many schools have already signed up. At present in other states the program is available on an opt-in basis for all schools & parents in NSW and TAS have fought hard against it. The teaching program and related material and resources does not differentiate between high school and primary school, hence the same program is used in both – interesting given the very different maturity levels of primary school and high school children. Roz Ward of La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society was one of the main architects of the Safe Schools Coalition, its materials and resources and the former Victorian coordinator. She is an open Marxist (please google her – it’s fascinating) who was almost fired from La Trobe for posting a comment on her FB page regarding the “racist Australian flag” and replacing it with “a red one” (Marxist Flag). http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/university-suspends-safe-schools-cofounder-roz-ward-over-facebook-post-20160601-gp9ezu.html Here are some quotes from Roz Ward:
“…we work deliberately and specifically around sexual diversity and gender diversity. Not all forms of diversity. We’re talking about sexual diversity and gender diversity…So we think very specific posters work really well, very specific messages from school leadership, very specific things written in your school newsletter, that Safe Schools Coalition is about supporting gender and sexual diversity. Not about celebrating diversity. Not about stopping bullying. About gender and sexual diversity. About same-sex attractive. About being transgender. About being lesbian, gay, bisexual – say the words – transgender, intersex. Not just “Be nice to everyone. Everyone’s great.”
And “Parents don’t have the power to shut this down. There’s an insignificant minority who will have an issue with it”.
The Australian reported on February 2016: Addressing the Marxism 2015 conference in Melbourne, Ward railed against the “push to fit people into gender constructs that promote heterosexuality. Programs like Safe Schools Coalition are making some difference but we’re still a long way from liberation… only Marxism provides both the theory and the practice of genuine human liberation”.
Gary Dowsett (Deputy Director, Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society) authored an article titled ‘Boiled Lollies and Bandaids: Gay Men and Kids‘ in 1982 which until recently was still listed on his La Trobe University Bio, here’s a extract: “First, we have three legal/social questions to win: custody rights for gay men and lesbians; the legal right of paedophiles and their young loves; and finally, the sexual rights of children as a whole. And I also have a friend, a paedophile, who is working very hard on making sense out of his relations with boys. Those relations consist of, among other things, a large amount of nurture and support for these boys, a real caring for their welfare and growth. How different then is that gentle, tentative sexuality between parent and child from the love of a paedophile and his/her lover? From all their accounts and from many academic studies (some worse than others), that kind of love, warmth, support and nurture is an important part of the paedophilic relationship. The current paedophilia debate then is crucial to the political processes of the gay movement: paedophiles need our support, and we need to construct the child/adult sex issue on our terms.”
It’s unclear how much involvement Gary Dowsett had in the SSC materials, but we have to assume he had oversight and some level of involvement given his role as Deputy Director of Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society for many years.
A taste of the Safe Schools Coalition program and what it teaches:
February 2016 in a speech to Parliament by George Christensen MP: “I rise a voice for the thousands of parents who have been shocked when they discovered how the ironically named Safe Schools program is indoctrinating their children. When those parents consider just how unsafe this program is, they will wonder why the federal government is allowing it to be implemented in schools. The things that the safe schools Coalition Australia are recommending to school students include pornographic web content, sex shops, adult online communities and sex clubs. The Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ teaching resource directs students to the website of the LGBT youth organisation Minus18, which produced most of the Safe Schools resources. Minus18 advised the students on chest binding, penis tucking, sex toys….Minus18 links to The Tool Shed – an online pornographic sex shop offering a range of sex toys, sadomasochistic items and pornography. Minus18 recommends Scarleteen – a teen sex advice site that promotes group sex, sex toys and sadomasochism…….Further Safe Schools provides instructions to children on how to hide their internet browsing history. The Safe Schools program focuses heavily on child and teenage sexual activity; diminishes possible risks and harms; encourages young people to hide their activities from their parents; and provides links to adult sex clubs, adult online communities and sex shops. What’s more the program portrays all of this as normal and wraps it up in a taxpayer funded package and calls it an anti-bulling campaign.” George Christensen MP, Hansard 25th Feb 2016 How to masturbate and what household items to use in addition to dildos (year7-8). See politicalpostingmumma FB video filmed by student unless it’s been taken down by FB but I have watched it. Lesson 4 of the SSC “All of Us” resource teaches that gender merely a “social construct” and is not only male and female but that it “exists outside this binary”. Gender is a spectrum and that sex and gender are not the same - “Sex is about the body you are born with (male, female, intersex), while gender is about your identity, or how you feel inside” and can change day to day even hour to hour. Theoretically then the possibilities for gender are endless 7 your chosen gender can change from day to day…….. He and she are offensive terms are too heteronormative and are discouraged from being used at school. The program’s key resource tells teachers to avoid language which refers to differences between genders, or which affirms gender as a binary concept: Phrases like ‘ladies and gentlemen’ or ‘boys and girls’ should be avoided. Safe Schools co-creator Roz Ward has advised the Victorian Department of Education to have schools construct “non-gendered” toilet blocks, and a recent mandatory policy for all South Australian public schools requires schools to allow students to choose which bathrooms, uniforms, sporting teams and even sleeping quarters they like, based on their chosen gender. The Gender Fairy book (with teaching notes by Roz Ward) for ages four and up tells children that only they know if they are a boy or a girl; no one can tell them. The Safe Schools document ‘Guide to supporting a student to affirm or transition gender identity at school’ says that regardless of whether pupils are male or female, they should be able to use “the toilets, changing rooms, showers and swimming facilities based on the student’s gender identity and the facilities they feel most comfortable with.” The Safe Schools resource ‘All of Us’ tells children as young as 12, that “using the wrong pronoun that does not match a person’s gender identity is called misgendering.” (Pg. 32) On page 53, teachers are asked not to divide classes into a boys group and a girls group when doing activities as some students “may have a non-binary identity or feel pressured to join a group that does not match their gender.” Lesson 7 of the SSC “All of Us” resource is Standing Out as an Ally – how kids can become an LGBTIQ ally and encourages students to participate in politically motivated rallies IDAHOT, Pride, Mardi Gras, or even an equal marriage rally. Multiple sexual partners and group sex is portrayed as normal and something to aspire to Risks of diseases and STI’s are downplayed and barely mentioned - i.e. it’s not a big deal, if you get one just go a get it treated From the booklet OMG I’m Queer (a SSC resource): “there is no strict definition for virginity, especially if you’re queer. Penis-in-vagina sex is not the only sex, and certainly not the ultimate sex. I’m bisexual, so I ended up thinking of myself as having two virginities…” Parents are not required to be notified that the program is in their child’s school, nor are they required to give consent. In Queensland parents are not even allowed to know which schools have signed up. Safe Schools encourages a “whole school” approach to the promotion of sexual and gender diversity, and suggests ways to include gender diversity issues in subjects like maths and history. Hence it’s almost impossible to opt out. My questions and concerns:
Shouldn’t kids be kids and be innocent for as long as possible? Is it up to schools to teach our children hard core sex education, sexuality and gender “theory” or English, maths and geography? Regardless of whether it’s homosexual or heterosexual, what level of sexual education is appropriate and at what age? Is any level of sexuality education appropriate at school? Why is the government funding Marxist radicals & paedophile sympathisers? Why is nobody in jail for exposing our children to adult websites, pornography, sadomasochism and adult sex clubs? Gender Theory – it’s just a theory. According to the last Census, 0.3% of Australians identify as Transgender. Given that gender theory is highly controversial and far from accepted fact why is this being pushed as FACT onto our children when they are at their most impressionable and vulnerable? Isn’t it logical that this will cause a lot of confusion and angst for many kids? Boys are encouraged to wear girl’s school uniform and use the female toilets and change rooms if they identify as girls – how would you feel if your 7 year old daughter had to share a bathroom/change room with a 12 year old boy who suddenly decides he identifies as a girl? How is a young 13 year old girl supposed to feel if she happens to be alone in a change room/toilet when two 17-year-old transsexuals walk in – safe?? Is it so hard to imagine that a troubled boy could pretend to be transsexual or identify as a girl in order to get access to the girls facilities? What if your daughter was blind and couldn’t identify who was in the toilet/change room with her? Why are we putting gender theory suggestions in our young children’s susceptible minds and encouraging confusion? “Johns Hopkins former psychiatrist-in-chief and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder. He also reported on a new study showing that the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people. Dr. McHugh further noted studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic of children who had expressed transgender feelings but for whom, over time, 70%-80% “spontaneously lost those feelings.” Dr. McHugh, says “policy makers and the media are doing no favours either to the public or the transgendered by treating their confusions as a right in need of defending rather than as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.” https://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/michael-w-chapman/johns-hopkins-psychiatrist-transgender-mental-disorder-sex-change
And from Australia: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/rendezview/listen-to-carlotta-dont-give-the-child-hormones/news-story/6038bee648fa2af97089f6d9a6256aa0
What about parents who have children with learning difficulties or on the autism spectrum and who will be very confused and confronted with these topics? In fact I think many adults would be confused and confronted let alone any child. Why are we politicizing our schools and our children? There are already excellent anti-bullying programs in place for ALL forms of bullying why should one particular group take precedence? The standard response is because LGBTIQ kids are far more bullied at school – however I couldn’t find any good evidence to support this claim at all. The one and only study used by SSC to justify its anti-bulling program (which remember Roz Ward officially said is not an anti-bullying program) was by also La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society. This study is completely unreliable and far from gold standard because the sample is not randomized, there is selection bias (sample not representative and self selective), there is no control group and there is reporting bias. (please ask me for references) What is going on here? Am I crazy or is this crazy?
PLEASE NOTE: Most of the links and incriminating material have now been removed by the Department of Education who is in damage control mode, is denying everything (very strange!) and has cut ties with La Trobe University. However, all the evidence is there thanks to the parliamentary enquiries and concerned parents who have taken screen shots of everything and have even managed to obtain the original resources from SSC.
Still don’t believe me? Please look up:
Submission to Inquiry: Submission No.30 February 16, 2016 NSW Parliamentary enquiry into Sexualisation of children and young people.
If you want to know more and you want to see evidence please review:
So that leads me to the next major concern that I have – the so called “Same Sex” Marriage and Marriage “Equality” plebiscite and how the Safe Schools program is in fact very much linked to the outcome despite all the denials of the government, the press and those in the leadership of the Yes lobby. Please bear with me as I explain.
Firstly, many people don’t seem to realise what they’re saying yes to. This vote is about much more than marriage ‘equality’ & same sex ‘marriage’ - it’s about redefining marriage, the consequences of rendering the definition of marriage genderless and institutionalising an unnatural family structure which deliberately deprives future children of a mother or father. John Howard, Mark Latham, Tony Abbott (who all know how the game of politics is played) have voiced their concerns regarding how freedom of speech, parental rights and freedom of religion will be protected. But don’t listen to me or them because the evidence of the multitude of consequences is all there in Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, NZ and America - you only have to spend a little bit of time and effort to find it.
Please let me make myself very clear – all human beings deserve to be treated like humans and should have their basic human rights met. I have homosexual friends and colleagues, who are wonderful people that have my utmost respect and I really don’t care what someone does in their private time or what their sexual orientation is as long as they’re not hurting anyone. I’ve done a lot of research and thinking in order to try and come to a logical and unemotional conclusion regarding this vote.
As I said, this vote is about much, much more than same sex marriage and equality – please don’t let the media and political spin fool you. So what is it all about?
Equal rights for same sex couples:
To ensure that same-sex couples received equal protection of the law, the Australian Human Rights Commission launched the Same-Sex: Same Entitlements Inquiry in April 2006. The Inquiry aimed to identify the federal laws which discriminated against same-sex couples, and the children in their care, describe the impact of those laws and make recommendations for all such discrimination to be removed. Information was gathered through submissions from the general public, research done by the Commission and through public hearings and community forums held around Australia. As a result in 2008 over 80 federal laws were amended to ensure same-sex couples were treated equally in areas of life such as family law, superannuation, next of kin, taxation, social security, employment, Medicare, veterans’ affairs and workers’ compensation. The question of same-sex marriage was also considered but the Commission determined that equality is more holistically achieved if all couples, regardless of marital status, are treated equally.
In an interview, Tanya Plibersek MP, then Deputy Labor Leader, stated that 2008 was the year that removed all “legal discrimination” against LGBTI citizens: "Well, we changed 85 laws at the time, Leigh. We removed every piece of legal discrimination against gay men, lesbians and same-sex couples on the statute books."
These Federal laws supersede any state/territory law (The Commonwealth Constitution is the highest law in the land and every court must rule accordingly. Section 109 of the Commonwealth Constitution states that where there is a conflict between a law of the State and a law of the Commonwealth, the latter must prevail).
Conclusion: in the eyes of the law same sex couples have all the same legal rights as married or de facto couples all throughout Australia, so where is the inequality?
Is it discrimination to call a same-sex union ‘civil’ and a heterosexual union ‘marriage’ or is it simply respecting the fact that these two unions are in fact very different, produce different outcomes (e.g. heterosexual unions naturally produce children) and hence should be labelled differently?
If there is no legal discrimination then WHAT ARE WE REALLY VOTING FOR??
We are being told by media and politicians: "Let us remember what this plebiscite is about. It is about one question and one question only: should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry," "That's it that is the only question the Australian people are being asked to decide." Senator Brandis said. (http://www.theage.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/shorten-blames-turnbull-for-total-rubbish-tv-ad-from-samesex-marriage-opponents-20170829-gy6q02.html )
The Australian Bureau of Statistics Australian Marriage Law postal Survey asks “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?” However the private bill submitted by Bill Shorten to the House of Representatives titled “Marriage Amendment (Marriage Equality) Bill 2016” proposes to change the wording of The Marriage Act from “a man and a woman” to “ANY TWO PEOPLE CAN MARRY”. The explanatory notes state that this “will allow Australians to marry regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status.”
There is no mention of “same sex marriage” at all. I have a screen shot of this for those who are interested.
On September 15, 2017 Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull admitted the Australian people will not know the detail of any final legislation to change the Marriage Act before casting their votes in the plebiscite – so what exactly are we voting for? In an op-ed in The Daily Telegraph, leading same-sex marriage advocate Ms Christine Forster asserted that the debate was not about changing the nature of marriage, and dismissed the claims that a change in the law would have an impact on “gender fluidity’’ and our children’s education. However, in a speech to the Senate from Victorian Senator Janet Rice said:
‘People across the rainbow spectrum, not just same-sex couples but transgender people, people who are gender fluid, people of intersex status—these are the people, all of these people, who will be treated as equal under the law in terms of being able to commit to the person that they love.’ So which is it?
What’s any of this got to do with Safe Schools Curriculum?
If we legally change the wording in the marriage act so that any person regardless of “gender identity, sexual orientation or sex” can marry then we are agreeing that gender and sex are different and that there are more than two genders that can enter into a marriage. Hence, we are lawfully validating gender fluidity as part of our culture and society. This then legally must filter down through every level of society and be normalised – this has been the case in every country that has passed same sex marriage laws and has happened very swiftly. The highest courts in the US, Canada, Britain have ruled that schools, government departments, churches etc. have an obligation to teach gender fluidity and same sex marriage as normal and if not this is discriminatory and an offence. Please see examples to follow and do your own research. It will be an offence under the federal Sex Discrimination Act for school authorities to treat transgender marriages “less favourably” than same-sex and hetero­sexual marriages, an offence for teachers not to tell children they can change their gender, and for teachers to refuse boys identifying as girls access to the girls’ showers, change rooms, toilets and sports. The Marriage Act 1961 (Cth) is the last piece of legislation in Australia where sex is treated as binary. If the Marriage Act is changed to allow “any two persons” to marry, the result will be the removal of any concept of the binary nature of gender from Australian law. Laws have a formative and educative effect on our culture. The redefinition of marriage would enshrine in law the gender ideology that asserts there is no difference between male and female, or between a mother and a father. If the law is to declare that there is no difference between marriage between two people of the opposite sex and marriage between two people of the same sex, then sex education must be amended to teach that all forms of sexual activity are equal. The expansion of sex education following the legalisation of same sex marriage can be seen most clearly in Canada. An early decision of the Canadian Supreme Court related to the introduction of books in the kindergarten – year one curriculum portraying same-sex couples. The Supreme Court ruled that it was in the interest of same-sex parented families and the children who belong to them to receive “equal recognition and respect” in the school system. When parents objected on the basis that the material was not age-appropriate, the Court responded that “tolerance is always age appropriate.” Now all Canadian schools – including religious schools – are forced to teach year 3 students a sex education curriculum introducing homosexuality, and year seven students the specifics of homosexual sex. (Consequences: Changing the law on marriage affects everyone)
We are being asked to believe that there will be no consequences, to Just Vote Yes, don’t ask any questions and that this will only affect a small number of people. And anyway, love is love.
The 2016 Australian Census revealed that there are 46,800 same-sex couples in Australia, which represents less than 0.4% of the population. A survey funded by Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays revealed that only 54% of same-sex couples would get married if given the choice. This means that a change in law to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples may benefit some 25,000 couples (0.2% of Australia’s population). In the 3 years that NZ changed their marriage laws there have been 80,000 heterosexual marriages and only 1600 same-sex. In fact, in all countries that have redefined marriage roughly only 10% of same sex couples end up getting married (20% is the highest figure I read anywhere) – so what is all the fuss about right if it only affects such a small group of people?? Just say yes.
Here’s what’s happening to everybody else’s freedom of speech, parental rights, freedom of religion:
Individuals have been fined, fired, denied business or employment, forced to resign and even prosecuted for not cooperating with the new definition of marriage. Actually this is happening here and now in Australia whilst we supposedly still have freedom of speech and the law hasn’t even changed. What will it be like if the law does change? Trinity Western University Law Faculty, a Christian college in Canada, does not have its qualifications accredited by professional bodies simply because the university had a rule forbidding sexual activity unless between a husband and a wife & this was deemed to be LGBT discrimination. In the UK, a social work student Felix Ngole was kicked out of his course at Sheffield University after writing on Facebook that marriage is between a man and a woman – this case is currently in the courts. Since Canada legalised genderless marriage, all schools have been forced to amend sex education to fit in with the new definition of marriage, and courts have ruled that parents are not permitted to have their children excused from these classes because it would show a lack of tolerance. Sex education changed drastically in schools e.g. 12 year olds are taught about anal sex and parents have no right to object or pull children from school. (Regardless of whether anal sex is heterosexual or homosexual is it appropriate for schools to be teaching this to 12 years olds?) Same-sex marriage has been legal in Ontario since 2003. In December 2016, the All Families Are Equal Act 2016 became law in Ontario, Canada. Under the legislation, registries of birth no longer refer to “mother” or “father,” but the generic term “parent” and up to four “parents” are eligible to be listed on a child’s birth certificate (none of them need to be biologically related to the child!). The legislation also removes the words “mother” and “father” from all other pieces of Ontario legislation, thus removing the concept of mothers and fathers from the law altogether. Hence, a birth certificate is no longer a statement of biological fact & a child has no legal grounds to know or be raised by their biological parents. Their family medical history is erased, along with cultural ties. They could be living next door to, or even marry a sibling and would not know. A law passed in Ontario in mid-2017 handed the government the right to remove children from families that do not accept their child’s “gender identity” or “gender expression.” The Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act of 2017 compels judges and child services personnel to consider a child’s “race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, family diversity, disability, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression” in a determination of the best interests of the child. Minister of Child and Family Services Michael Coteau, who introduced the bill, said that a parent who did not affirm a child’s choice of gender would be considered to be an “abusive” parent”. New Zealand-based family organisation, Family First NZ, was served a notice by the national Charities Registration Board that it intends to deregister the organisation in September because Family First’s promotion of its views about marriage and the traditional family “cannot be determined to be for the public benefit in a way previously accepted as charitable”. Less than six months after marriage was redefined in the United States, the New York City Commission on Human Rights amended its legal guidance on gender identity discrimination to make it an offence – punishable by up to a fine of $250,000 – for an employer to refuse to refer to a person by their preferred gender pronoun, to disallow them from using single-sex facilities for their chosen gender, or to request that male employees refrain from wearing make-up to work Canada has made it a criminal offence to refuse to call someone by their “chosen” gender pronoun. Denmark has laws that forces religious institutions to marry same sex couples Transport for London, have prohibited the use of the ‘heteronormative’ words, such as ladies and gentlemen. British universities are threatening to ‘mark down’ students, who continue to use the words ‘he’ and ‘she’. Instead, ‘gender neutral pronouns’ such as ‘ze’, must be uniformly applied. In the UK, TV programmes, aimed at children as young as three, promote ‘gender fluidity’, as an enabler of thoughtfulness and individuality, ‘outside educators’ teach children about sex positions, ‘satisfying’ pornography consumption and how to masturbate. Concerns regarding STI’s and Promiscuity, are derided as ‘old-fashioned. Britain’s High Court, ruled that a Pentecostal couple were ineligible parents. While the court recognised their successful and loving record of adoption, they decreed that above all else: ‘The equality provisions concerning sexual orientation should take precedence’. Practicing Jews, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, who want to stay true to their religious teachings, can no longer adopt children. https://www.spectator.com.au/2017/09/whats-changed-in-britain-since-same-sex-marriage/ Britain: Adrian Smith, sacked by a Manchester Housing Trust, for suggesting that the state: ‘shouldn’t impose its rules on places of faith and conscience’. Richard Page, fired for gross misconduct after articulating, that children might enjoy better outcomes, were they to be adopted by heterosexual couples. Courts in Northern Ireland ruled that the Asher’s Family bakery had acted unlawfully by politely declining to decorate a cake with a political message in support of same-sex marriage. The courts maintained that business owners must be compelled to promote the LGBT cause, irrespective of personal convictions Transgender Defence Force captain Catherine McGregor was sacked from advocacy group Kaleidoscope Australia for expressing concerns about extreme LGBTI sex education and gender theory in a News Limited publication. The Commonwealth Government’s Exposure Draft of the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill, offers no protections for conscientious objection. Evidence before a Senate Committee looking into the Exposure Draft demonstrated that the LGBTI community overwhelmingly supports the denial of any such protections being included in legislation to redefine marriage. Additionally, Labor has indicated that not only would any conscience protections contained in any marriage amendment legislation be repealed under a future Labor government, but it would also appoint a dedicated LGBTI Anti-Discrimination Commissioner to specifically deal with cases of alleged discrimination against LGBTI persons.
And the list goes on and on and on……
“LOVE IS LOVE” – is this a good enough reason to re-define marriage?
This baffles me the most because as a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter and an aunt I know that my love for my husband, my daughter, my brother, my parents and my nephews is all very different.
Surely it’s just common sense that there are many different types of love and they are not all the equal?
However, if we accept that love is love and there is no distinction then what about the love of a paedophile for his young subject? What about the love of a man for his 10 wives? What about the brother and sister who are in love? Should we legalize paedophilia, polygamy and incest? Where does this all end? Where is the line? Interestingly the next big push in Canada is to change the marriage laws to recognise polygamy and in Ireland mostly because of same sex marriage being written into law the Supreme Court has set aside the “to the exclusion of all others” element in the marriage contract thus leaving the door open for legalised polygamy.
And lastly is marriage solely about love and nothing else? At its core marriage has always been between a man and woman in all cultures/societies hence it’s also about family, parenting and procreation. It’s a way of binding biological ties and trying to ensure a child is raised in the optimal environment of biological mother and father. This isn’t always possible and doesn’t always happen but why would we want to enshrine in law & and thus society a family structure which is not in the very best interests of children. Where are the rights of the child in all of this? Is there any child that would ask to be born into a family without a mother or without a father? Does the absolute love of two mothers make up for not having a fathers influence or the absolute love of two fathers make up for never knowing a mother?
I’m voting NO because:
Marriage isn't just about love it's about family and children. My head, heart and gut (& even the research) tells me that the best environmental for a child to thrive is with their biological mother and father wherever humanly possible. I cannot in good conscience vote for something which legalises and normalises a family structure where a child is deprived of one parent wilfully and intentionally. All children have a right to their biological mother and father and legalising same-sex/genderless marriage won’t help children of same-sex couples feel bettemore normal as they will still be missing out on a mother or a father - this fact doesn’t change. I believe it is my parental right to determine the type and extent of sex education my child receives as well as at what age. I do not believe indoctrinating our children in gender “theory” and exposing them to inappropriate hetero/homo/bi/trans- sexual education that is completely age inappropriate is in the best interests of our children or our society. I would like to think that homosexual, heterosexual, transgender and every other parent agrees. I believe in free speech and freedom of religion I do not believe in radical and controversial “gender theory” and do not want to live in a genderless society where I cannot be called a mother or a wife (would be considered offensive and anti-discriminatory), where my role as these things is diminished and demoralised, where the basic laws of nature and biological reality is ignored. Where Father’s Day cannot be celebrated because it’s too controversial, where I can’t use the words ‘he’ and ‘she’, ‘ladies’ and ‘gentlemen’. Voting Yes would mean undermining and taking away the fundamental rights of the majority, just to gratify a minority. I do not believe the empty promises from politicians that they will make laws to protect free speech and religious freedom. This hasn’t happened in any other countries with similar legal and political systems (in fact quite the opposite) so there’s no logical reason to believe it will happen here of the myriad of consequences that changing The Marriage Act would result in as demonstrated in I will not be bullied, taunted, threatening, intimidated or coerced into voting yes just because it’s the politically correct or popular thing to do. Voting No does not equal bigotry or homophobia. There are many homosexuals who agree with a No vote (and even adult children of same sex couples) but they don’t get any air time and even they are bullied and called homophobic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6HD8KLQBvA
My greatest wish is that for those who have voted yes or will vote yes that it’s at least an informed decision. I truly hope you will at least take the time to investigate what you’re really saying yes to and what the consequences will be. Interestingly, if you changed your mind/have made a mistake on the voting form you can contact the ABS and ask for another one.
If you have read this entire thesis, I thank you very much for your time and consideration.
With Respect, (redacted)
Back to me, janecarrow (a throwaway account actually):
My friend also forwarded me this link: http://youreteachingourchildrenwhat.org/safe-schools-coalition/
What can I say in response? I don't want to have a falling out with this friend. I don't feel like I can 're-educate' her because I'm not that articulate or persuasive AND I get quite angry about this issue so I'm not confident that I wouldn't start out trying to change her mind and end up losing a friendship.
Lastly - if this is the wrong subreddit for this can you please tell me where I should post instead?
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2017.02.14 11:20 TrumpReportBot Trump Report as of Tuesday February 14 at 05:20

Trump Percent of the day: 23.27%
[ #1 +44891 ]
A man who sought asylum in the US more than two decades ago, graduated from the University at Buffalo and worked for the New York State Department of Transportation has just been elected president in his homeland of Somalia
[ #2 +34327 ]
PsBattle: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau hesitating to shake Donald Trump's hand
[ #3 +31596 ]
Michael Flynn resigns: Trump's national security adviser quits over Russia links
[ #4 +28061 ]
NSA so concerned over Donald Trump's ties to Russia they've 'withheld information from presidential briefings'
[ #5 +27001 ]
Trump reportedly heading to Mar-a-Lago for third straight weekend, obliterating campaign promise
[ #6 +24083 ]
President Donald Trump meets Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
[ #7 +23269 ]
Donald Trump visit to the UK 'will be rescheduled' to avoid embarrassing the President
[ #8 +14638 ]
Mexico: Massive anti-Trump rallies staged across nation
[ #9 +12528 ]
A reporter is suing the US government to learn how it vetted Trump’s advisers for security clearances
[ #10 +11242 ]
‘Hypocrite’ Trump axed transgender protections just days after claiming to support LGBT rights
[ #11 +8863 ]
Republicans railed against Clinton’s ‘extremely careless’ behavior. Now they’ve got a Trump problem.
[ #12 +8770 ]
'Every Racist I Know Voted for Donald Trump'
[ #13 +7499 ]
Gallup poll: Trump approval rating at new low
[ #14 +5797 ]
One Thing Is Certain: Republicans Won't Stand Up and Stop President Trump
[ #15 +5393 ]
‘Hypocrite’ Trump axed transgender protections just days after claiming to support LGBT rights
[ #16 +5288 ]
First thing that came into my mind when I saw the picture of Trump and Trudeau handshake photo
[ #17 +5074 ]
Trump's executive order on immigration did not lead to ISIS leader's arrest in New York
[ #18 +4814 ]
Trump turns Mar-A-Lago Club terrace into open-air situation room
[ #19 +4458 ]
Donald Trump's family say they will continue with foreign deals featuring Trump Organisation properties
[ #20 +4426 ]
Trump's senior adviser just said something that sounded like an actual dictator
[ #21 +4168 ]
Dem to Trump: Release transcripts of Flynn calls
[ #22 +3992 ]
Stephen Miller’s authoritarian declaration: Trump’s national security actions ‘will not be questioned’
[ #23 +3897 ]
Donald Trump is the most unpopular new president in history
[ #24 +3734 ]
Senate Dems want details on Trump's use of personal smartphone
[ #25 +3481 ]
Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Largo club has a new feature: Watch the president discuss top secret security issues!
[ #26 +3219 ]
Trump got through an entire news conference without facing a single question about Michael Flynn
[ #27 +3176 ]
Ivanka Trump’s Nordstrom Sales Reportedly Dropped Over 70 Percent Before The Election
[ #28 +3128 ]
Trump Job Approval - Disapprove 55%, Approve 40% (Gallup 2/9-2/11)
[ #29 +2934 ]
Michael Flynn has reportedly resigned from his position as Trump's National Security Advisor due to controversy over his communication with the Russian ambassador. How does this affect the Trump administration, and where should they go from here?
[ #30 +2881 ]
Mr President…that’s racist.” Al Franken unloads on Trump for ‘Pocahontas’ slur
[ #31 +2816 ]
Donald Trump's visit to the UK 'will be rescheduled' to avoid embarrassing him
[ #32 +2787 ]
Donald Trump Is Selling Access to the ‘Winter White House’ for $200,000
[ #33 +2748 ]
While Trump scandals mount, Chaffetz decides to investigate . . . a cartoon character
[ #34 +2737 ]
Shouldn’t We Be Asking About Donald Trump’s Involvement with “The Mike Flynn Russia Phone Call?”
[ #35 +2478 ]
"U.S. House tax committee will not seek Trump´s tax returns" Call your representative and demand the tax returns be investigated!
[ #36 +2461 ]
Trump has gotten even less popular while in office
[ #37 +2246 ]
Monday is the first weekday Trump has not tweeted before 8:15 a.m.
[ #38 +2122 ]
Trump adviser Stephen Miller lied — and it matters
[ #39 +1857 ]
Journalists Need to Stop Giving Bigoted Trump Supporters a Free Pass
[ #40 +1837 ]
John Oliver on Trump: How did we elect a 'pathological liar'?
[ #41 +1821 ]
Trump discussed national security issues in a room full of Mar-a-Lago diners and staff
[ #42 +1721 ]
Fourth Company Says It Was Stiffed By Trump Hotel
[ #43 +1716 ]
CNN host: Trump aide 'spewing garbage' on voter fraud
[ #44 +1665 ]
French presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron is being targeted by Russian media and internet attacks from within Russia with the goal of helping the election campaigns of his pro-Moscow rivals, his party chief said
[ #45 +1586 ]
The Trump Organization is making new foreign deals, despite promising not to: report
[ #46 +1557 ]
Flynnghazi keeps getting stupider: Trump has every possible reason to fire Michael Flynn, but won’t
[ #47 +1544 ]
Report: President Trump dealt with North Korea security crisis in front of Mar-a-Lago diners
[ #48 +1468 ]
President Trump Has Done Almost Nothing
[ #49 +1337 ]
Scarborough slams key Trump aide: Appearances were 'horrendous'
[ #50 +1303 ]
The Trump Administration’s Lies About Voter Fraud Will Lead to Massive Voter Suppression
[ #51 +1201 ]
Trump returning to Mar-a-Lago for third straight weekend
[ #52 +1167 ]
Justin Trudeau Just Showed The World How To Shake Hands With Donald Trump
[ #53 +1091 ]
Hezbollah leader says 'idiot' Trump makes him optimistic
[ #54 +1079 ]
Questions surround Team Trump’s pre-election talks with Russia
[ #55 +1008 ]
40 House Dems to urge Trump to suspend Flynn
[ #56 +979 ]
‘Nuclear football’ photo taken at Trump’s golf resort puts the Pentagon in an awkward position
[ #57 +954 ]
No gay conservatives, I won't accept your ‘coming out’ as Trump supporters
[ #58 +893 ]
The man just elected as Germany's next president once called Trump a 'hate preacher'
[ #59 +892 ]
The Kremlin Is Starting to Worry About Trump
[ #60 +852 ]
Former GOP rep to Trump: 'Stop complaining and do your job'
[ #61 +852 ]
Hillary Clinton should absolutely not run for President in 2020
[ #62 +820 ]
John Oliver plans ads to teach Trump about key issues
[ #63 +799 ]
GOP chairman won't request Trump's tax returns from Treasury
[ #64 +790 ]
How To Stop The President: Nearly 1 Million People Demand Trump's Impeachment With Petition
[ #65 +787 ]
Senate Democrats want answers about Trump's phone
[ #66 +752 ]
This Mar-A-Lago Member Had A Great Time Photographing Trump Handle A National Security Crisis
[ #67 +751 ]
Sally Yates warned Trump that Flynn was compromised by Russia, officials say
[ #68 +732 ]
Abe says Trump encouraged him to boost ties, dialogue with Putin
[ #69 +725 ]
Foreign Spies Must Be Bored By How Easy Trump Makes Their Jobs
[ #70 +720 ]
One down. 25 days into the job, President Trump's National Security Advisor appointee resigns amid scandal.
[ #71 +694 ]
New studies find dehumanization of Mexicans and Muslims predicts support for the GOP (and in particular Trump). They also show that Latinos and Muslims in the United States feel heavily dehumanized, and that feeling was associated with support for violence and unwillingness to fight terrorism.
[ #72 +669 ]
'Utterly shocking': National security experts say Trump is making foreign intelligence agencies' jobs 'much easier'
[ #73 +651 ]
Maxine Waters: Trump’s “not going to be there for four years.”
[ #74 +594 ]
Trump Brags About Election Win (Again) In Joint Press Conference With Trudeau
[ #75 +579 ]
The president was never intended to be the most powerful part of government
[ #76 +556 ]
ACLU to launch rapid response team to challenge Trump's deportations
[ #77 +513 ]
John Oliver explains why Trump is a ‘pathological liar’ with ‘a well-documented 40-year history of bulls–t’
[ #78 +489 ]
Trump's aides appeared to brief him on North Korea's recent missile test in front of Mar-A-Lago members
[ #79 +484 ]
US officer in charge of Trump's nuclear football 'poses for photo with Mar-a-Lago guest'
[ #80 +458 ]
White House: Trump is 'evaluating the situation' regarding national security adviser Michael Flynn
[ #81 +456 ]
Trust in Obama’s world leadership was more than twice what it is in Trump’s
[ #82 +454 ]
Gallup poll: Trump approval rating at new low
[ #83 +452 ]
AGU AMA: Hi Reddit, I'm Dave Petley, author of The Landslide Blog and Vice-President (Research and Innovation) at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. I'm here to talk about the science and management of natural hazards and disasters. AMA!
[ #84 +436 ]
Schumer: Trump picking 'most anti-working-class Cabinet'
[ #85 +385 ]
Trump Justice Department delivers CIA ‘Torture Report’ to federal court
[ #86 +384 ]
Congressional Democrats Are Already Warning Trump About Impeachment
[ #87 +376 ]
Mar-a-Lago Members’ Social Media Is the Best Source for Trump News
[ #88 +376 ]
Here are 7 examples of Trump becoming everything he criticized Hillary for
[ #89 +371 ]
The Utterly Insufficient Efforts to Separate Trump From His Businesses
[ #90 +329 ]
Trump's patio situation room after NK missile launch raises security questions
[ #91 +318 ]
Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club has a new feature: Watch the president discuss top secret security issues!
[ #92 +302 ]
A group of nearly 200 police chiefs slammed Trump’s 'law and order' crime plan
[ #93 +285 ]
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau tells Donald Trump: Refugees welcome in Canada
[ #94 +276 ]
What Did The President Know?
[ #95 +253 ]
Trump's patio situation room after NK missile launch raises security questions
[ #96 +249 ]
Military judge: Trump comments about Bergdahl 'disturbing'
[ #97 +241 ]
Trump and Trudeau make jobs and growth pledge - BBC News
[ #98 +235 ]
Mental Health Professionals Warn About Trump
[ #99 +232 ]
U.S. House tax committee will not seek Trump tax returns - "If Congress begins to use its powers to rummage around in the tax returns of the president, what prevents Congress from doing the same to average Americans?"
[ #100 +227 ]
Governors of Red, Blue States Urge Trump to Back Wind, Solar
[ #101 +208 ]
Time for Trump to Resign
[ #102 +201 ]
Report: Justice Department warned Trump that Flynn could be vulnerable to Russians
[ #103 +197 ]
News Conference Raises Issue of Trump Seeking Softballs
[ #104 +168 ]
Colorado Republican: If Flynn misled Trump 'he should step down'
[ #105 +167 ]
Reince Priebus reportedly in hot water as Trump confidante says he's 'in way over his head'
[ #106 +163 ]
Justin Trudeau awkwardly staring at Trump's hand instantly becomes a meme
[ #107 +154 ]
The Latest: Justice warned Trump team about Flynn contacts
[ #108 +122 ]
Nuclear football’ photo taken at Trump’s golf resort puts the Pentagon in an awkward position
[ #109 +120 ]
The Embarrasement of President Trump
[ #110 +109 ]
How Trump strategist Steve Bannon wasted $60m on World of Warcraft
[ #111 +103 ]
Senators question whether Trump's use of personal phone may be a national security risk
[ #112 +91 ]
Why Is Trump Adviser Wearing Medal of Nazi Collaborators?
[ #113 +89 ]
Spelling mistakes are new norm for Trump White House
[ #114 +82 ]
A Trump News Conference Filters Out the Tough Questions
[ #115 +82 ]
Justin Trudeau: I won't lecture Trump over refugee ban
[ #116 +71 ]
Donald Trump is turning his Mar-a-Lago estate into a national security nightmare
[ #117 +68 ]
Donald Trump's phone security questioned by Democrats
[ #118 +65 ]
The Art of the Handshake, Which Trump Has Yet to Master
[ #119 +61 ]
A Trump News Conference Filters Out the Tough Questions
[ #120 +60 ]
Trump’s Top Military Adviser Is Lobbying For Obscure Company With Ties To Turkish Government
[ #121 +58 ]
Abe says Trump encouraged him to boost ties, dialogue with Putin
[ #122 +52 ]
California’s Battle With Trump Could Impact Disaster Aid Request
[ #123 +50 ]
Dear White, Christian Trump Supporters: We Need To Talk
[ #124 +50 ]
Another Injunction Against Trump’s Immigration Ban, This One in Virginia
[ #125 +48 ]
2nd Court Grants Injunction in Virginia against Trump Travel Ban
[ #126 +46 ]
Russia-US flight searches surge 88% post Donald Trump Inauguration
[ #127 +44 ]
Donald Trump's strange handshake style and how Justin Trudeau beat it – video explainer
[ #128 +43 ]
Star economist Piketty joins ticket of left-wing French presidential hopeful Hamon
[ #129 +43 ]
David Duke's Former Campaign Manager Says Trump and the Former KKK Leader Are 'Identical'
[ #130 +37 ]
Trump continues pattern of calling on reporters from conservative media
[ #131 +37 ]
Far-right outcast Geert Wilders vows to 'de-Islamise' the Netherlands after taking lead in Dutch polls - The Dutch Trump has promised to ‘make The Netherlands ours again’, but other parties say they won’t work with him in a coalition – even if he wins the election
[ #132 +34 ]
Trump’s Behaviour Can Cripple US Ruling System: Iranian MP
[ #133 +21 ]
Israeli president voices support for full West Bank annexation
[ #134 +18 ]
Israel says Peru's fugitive former President Alejandro Toledo, wanted on corruption charges, will not be allowed to enter the country.
[ #135 +18 ]
Claims That Russia Is Interfering With French Presidential Campaign
[ #136 +17 ]
Trump administration indicates "calibrated response" to first North Korean missile test of 2017
[ #137 +17 ]
Ruthless and authoritarian Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov "re-elected" as Turkmen president
[ #138 +16 ]
Trump sanctions Venezuela vice president on drug trafficking
[ #139 +16 ]
Iranian president criticised for all-male delegation to meet Swedes
[ #140 +12 ]
Trump soft pedals NAFTA criticism with Canadian PM, says Mexico the issue
[ #141 +12 ]
U.N., Trump denounce North Korea, but no sign of any action
[ #142 +12 ]
Israel bars entrance to Peru’s fugitive ex-president, whose wife holds Israeli citizenship
[ #143 +10 ]
Justin Trudeau meets Donald Trump at Whitehouse
[ #144 +10 ]
U.S. to sanction the Venezuelan vice president
[ #145 +8 ]
Justin Trudeau says it's not Canada's duty to 'lecture' Trump on immigration
[ #146 +8 ]
Rivlin backs annexation with full rights for Palestinians: President says outpost legalization law should not be applied unless Israel extends sovereignty to entire West Bank
[ #147 +7 ]
U.S. blacklists Venezuela's vice president as drug trafficker
[ #148 +7 ]
U.S. calls Venezuela's Vice President an international drug trafficker
[ #149 +5 ]
Trump congratulates Lithuania, with focus on Ukraine, defence spending, fighting ISIS
[ #150 +5 ]
Venezuelan Vice President to Be Targeted for U.S. Sanctions
[ #151 +5 ]
U.S. Treasury Sanctions Venezuelan Vice President Over Drug Trade Allegations
[ #152 +5 ]
United Nations Security Council unanimously condemns North Korea's latest ballistic missile test as U.S. President Trump vows a strong response to the provocation.
[ #153 +4 ]
'Stop Trump state visit' petition rejected - BBC News
[ #154 +4 ]
Israel's Right demands Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump discuss West Bank annexation
[ #155 +3 ]
Israel should annex West Bank & give Palestinians full citizenship – President Rivlin
[ #156 +3 ]
Civil Rights Groups, Funded by Telecoms, Back Donald Trump’s Plan to Kill Net Neutrality
[ #157 +3 ]
US sanctions Venezuela vice-president over trafficking claims
[ #158 +3 ]
US sanctions Venezuela vice president over drug trafficking
[ #159 +1 ]
Donald Trump sanctions Venezuela's Vice-President Tareck El Aissami over alleged drug trafficking
[ #160 +1 ]
Trump and Trudeau: What happened at first meeting
[ #161 +1 ]
Cobra Gold war games launched in Thailand as region looks for clues on Trump's policy in Asia
[ #162 +1 ]
Trump and Trudeau Tread Carefully on Differences on Refugees, Trade
[ #163 +0 ]
Donald Trump, Shinzo Abe discuss North Korean missile test in full public view at Mar-a-Lago country club
[ #164 +0 ]
Michael Flynn resigns: Donald Trump’s national security adviser walks on job
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2017.02.14 02:05 qetaz Delta Goodrem: Introducing an Australian Pop Legend

So this took me a looong time to type out. Hopefully you guys can also find some time to read/listen to some (and hopefully all) of the songs I’ve linked!
The current Trevor Project initiative (go donate!) means that I got to pick a flair, and I thought that I’d take the opportunity to educate everyone about Australian LEDGEND and one of my all-time favourite artists, Delta Goodrem. Before we dive into her discography/life story, some fun facts:
• She has NINE number one singles in Australia, the sixth most number one singles in Australian history (behind The Beatles, Elvis, Madonna, one true Kylie, and Rihanna)
• She achieved the first number one in 2002, and the latest in 2015. #careerlongevity
• She has an additional seven top-ten and five top-40 singles.
• She (co-)writes the overwhelming majority of her songs, and also plays the piano on most her tracks.
• She’s an ambassador for several charities, including the Starlight foundation and the Kinghorn Cancer Centre.
She’s a supporter of the LGBT community.
Delta was born on the 9th of November, 1984. She grew up in the suburbs of Sydney with her Mum, Dad, and younger brother. Her career started early when she signed an artist development deal at the age of 14, then worked on a self-titled album throughout 1999 and 2000, which was never released. At 15, she signed with Sony and in November of 2001 she released her first single, I Don’t Care. This Angel Via cover only hit 64 on the Australian singles chart, and as a result Delta’s career temporarily changed direction.
In 2002, she was cast as Nina Tucker in the soap opera Neighbours. As well as earning her a Logie Award (think Australian Emmys) for Most Popular New Talent, this gave her a vehicle to showcase her singing and song-writing across Australia and the UK. Her not-debut-but-might-as-well-be single Born to Try premiered on the show, and ended up reaching number one in Australia and number three in the UK. Which brings us to…
Did someone say best seller? This is the fourth best-selling album of all time in Australia. It was the best-selling album of 2003, 2004, and the decade. It spent 29 consecutive weeks at number one, which means it has the record for the most consecutive weeks at number one and ties fifth for the most total weeks at number one on the Australian albums chart. EVERY. ONE. of the five singles released from this album hit number one. Innocent Eyes unsurprisingly holds the record of most number one singles from a single album.
Innocent Eyes is an unashamedly piano pop album which deftly maneuverers between ballad, bubble-gum and rock-edged. It’s one of my all-time favourite albums. But I’ll let those 5 number-one singles do the talking:
Born to Try An inspirational ballad set to a music video full of fashion… choices, it remains one of Delta’s signature songs. Great for belting in the shower!
Lost Without You A catchy up-tempo breakup ballad- it’s one of my favourites from the album. You’ll notice in the video that she takes her shoes off to play the piano. Delta never plays piano with her shoes on and often kicks them off in performances even when she’s just singing. Like Adele, except Delta did it first ;)
Innocent Eyes Another ballad… if you’re sick of them, skip to the last song on this list. This one fits in quite well with the current “nostalgia” trend, except that (in my opinion) it does it much better than anything released in the past few years. Lyrically it talks about the transition from childhood to young adulthood, and sonically it’s a lot like Born to Try with an ever so slightly darker edge.
Not Me, Not I Despite the three autobiographical ballads proceeding this, Not Me, Not I is the first song on the list I’d describe as “vulnerable”. It’s softer and sweeter-sounding than its predecessors. Fun fact: this was co-written by Take That’s Gary Barlow.
Predictable Delta lifts the tempo in this catchy rock-edged kiss-off. It’s one of my favourites of hers, and a nice change of pace in the middle of the album.
Delta’s career had just reached the stratosphere when her world came crashing down around her: at the age of 18, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of blood cancer. Her career was immediately put on hold as she underwent chemotherapy (that’s why there’s no music video for Predictable). She was constantly fatigued, lost weight, had a fever, was covered in a full body rash, and her hair, including eyebrows and lashes, fell out from chemotherapy. She underwent chemo for 8 months and then an additional 2 months of radiotherapy before going into remission. However, her weakened immune system lasted several more years- for example, she was hospitalised several more times for kidney infections.
Unsurprisingly, this period in her life meant that Delta’s next album, Mistaken Identity, was much darker than her debut both thematically and sonically. It was less commercially successful than her juggernaut debut, but hardly a failure: it still hit number one on the Australian album charts, was the 13th best-selling album of 2004 and the 30th best-selling album of 2005, and produced two number one singles.
Mistaken Identity The album’s title track and second single, and a strong contender for the title of my favourite Delta song. It’s theatrical, moody, and a strong break from her girl-next-door image- facts which meant Delta had to fight her record company in order to get it released. They were right in a way, because it broke her incredible streak of six chart-topping singles, but it still hit a respectable 7th place on the singles chart, and earned her a lot more critical respect.
The Analyst An album track which deserved better handling. This tones down the theatrics of Mistaken Identity but keeps the moodiness. It was co-written by Cathy Dennis- if you don’t know her, you should- she also co-wrote Can’t Get You Out of my Head and Toxic #divaratequeen
Out of the Blue Mistaken Identity’s lead single, and the last song in Delta’s incredible streak of six consecutive number one singles. It’s a cute ballad thanking her then-boyfriend Mark Philippoussis for his support during her illness. It sounds most similar to Not Me, Not I
Almost Here (featuring Brian McFadden) Another day, another number one…
It took Delta three years to release a third album. In the interim, she had headlined her first tour around Australia, put out Together We Are One, an inspirational anthem for the 2006 Commonwealth games, and starred in a (sadly terrible) film called Hating Alison Ashley. When the album was released, she had been seeing then-boyfriend Brian McFadden for three years and would shortly become engaged to him. As a result, this album features many more upbeat “pure pop” songs, although there are still plenty of her hallmark ballads. Let’s dive in:
In This Life This happy, easy-to-singalong “piano romp” gave Delta her eighth Australian number one. It’s not my favourite in her discography, but it puts a smile on my face and I’ll find myself humming it later in the day.
Believe Again The lyrics are optimistic but the tone is dark, carrying over the moody sound from the Mistaken Identity era with added electronic influence. This music video was her most expensive to date and looks it. This is Delta with sex appeal.
You Will Only Break My Heart The tone is upbeat and the lyrics are feisty. Billboard calls it a “frolicking reggae finger-snapper”. I don’t know about the reggae, but it’s a finger-snapper for sure.
I Can’t Break It to My Heart I know I promised bubble-gum optimism, but this breakup ballad is too relatable and vulnerable for me to not showcase it. It’s possibly an unpopular opinion, but I genuinely think this is one of the best breakup songs ever. It’s a crime this only hit #13 on the charts.
Despite the positive critical reception and usual standout sales which her self-titled album received, it was a long five years before we got her fourth offering, Child of the Universe. In the interim, she’d headlined a tour, supported Andrea Bocelli on his tour, joined the juding panel for The Voice Australia, and sadly broken up with her fiancé and boyfriend of seven years, Brian McFadden. She also performed at the Australian launch of Michael Jackson’s This Is It DVD- the only reason I mention this is that I WAS IN THE CHOIR WHICH SUNG HER BACKUP HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE. It was an amazing experience and I also got to meet Jackie Jackson and he gave me a hug. #jelbooslifegoals Anyway I digress. The long break and a mediocre first single, Sitting on Top of the World, ensured lower than usual sales, with the album peaking at- GASP- number two on the charts. Nevertheless, there is some gold in this album.
Touch Another underappreciated album track, this is in my top-5 favourite Delta songs. It’s a catchy pop-rock track which goes OFF live. Lyrically, Delta paints evocative vignettes of moments in her life- some significant and some seemingly mundane, and talks about the power of e·mo·tion and the impact everyone can have on the world. I’m doing a terrible job of describing this, just listen to it.
I Wish You Were Here This song is about Delta losing one of her closest friends in a motorbike accident. Delta believes it’s the best song she’s ever written, and I think it’s up there. "I tried a million different ways to write this song. I had to have a song about this moment in my life of losing one of my best friends. Then on his actual birthday, it was two years later, I said I’m not leaving this day without having the song about it. You can try a million ways, I wrote probably 20 songs about it, and then on his actual birthday, I wrote this song."
Safe to Believe This song showcases an incredible range and powerhouse vocals. Several reviews I’ve seen call it Mariah-esque.
• Delta goes dance: Delta first tried a clubby sound with Dancing With a Broken Heart, the second single from Child of the Universe, which is pretty much universally acknowledged as being one of her worst songs. She gave it a second shot with a non-album single Heart Hypnotic in 2013. Co-penned by Ryan Tedder, this found praise among critics but didn’t stick with the public.
• Delta on Tour: as well as headlining another of her own tours, Delta again supported Andrea Bocelli on tour, and also supported Ricky Martin on the Australian leg of his tour.
• In an initiative tied to the Bocelli tour, Delta released Love, Thy Will Be Done, a Martika cover
• In 2012, she released a Christmas EP, simply called Christmas
• She was a judge on the Voice Australia in 2012, 2013, and 2015, and The Voice Kids in 2014
• Throughout 2015, she played Grizabella in Cats. This is her singing Memory at a Sydney concert (not Cats) which I attended. The quality of the recording isn’t the best but stick it out; even my friend who I had to drag to the concert had goosebumps at this point.
This album marked Delta’s commercial return to form and her fourth number one album. Let’s get to it:
Wings Third time lucky: this dance anthem was a hit with the critics and public alike, with several reviewers calling it a “return to form”. This became her ninth and latest chart-topper.
The River This pop-rock song is pure theatrical Delta- lyrically, it tells the story of a woman murdering a cheating partner. The musical theatre influence is clear in the lyrics and less obviously in the arrangement of the song.
Enough (featuring Gizzle) This is not my personal style, but I’ve chosen to include it because it showcases Delta experimenting with a completely new style: hip-hop. I’d appreciate an opinion on this from any hiphopheads actually!
I Believe in a Thing Called Love There are some beautiful ballads on this album- Dear Life wouldn’t sound out of place on her debut, or yet another vehicle for her amazing vocals in Heavy- but I’ve chosen to showcase her show stopping acoustic cover of The Darkness’ I Believe In a Thing Called Love. This song has a special meaning to Delta because she performed it at her brother’s wedding. I think that it’s the perfect note on which to finish the album, and my recommendations.
Thank you if you read through all of this! I hope I’ve made a Delta fan of you- flairs that way >>>>>
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2016.05.13 04:02 APenny4UrThoughtz Mr Turnbull vs Panama papers the simple facts

I am so sick of getting told "There is no suggestion of any impropriety whatsoever. There is nothing new there" and that the venture did not turn a profit that I decided to see what I could find about surrounding facts rather than the medias conclusion one way or another. Of course most of my sources are still media but heres a rough timeline of facts hopefully devoid of allegations, opinion or conclusion... I have shortened the info hopefully without corrupting its meaning - corrections/additions/clarifications welcome.
1991 : Green Applied Systems was incorporated by Mossack Fonseca, but not administered by it. 1992 : Green Applied Systems name changed to Star Technology Services
1993 : ASX-listed Central Mining Corporation bought Star Technology and renamed itself Star Mining Corporation
1995 : Mr Turnbull & Mr Wran pulled out of the venture
1998 : The company wrote off $127 million on the failed venture
Sources * http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/breaking-news/explain-panama-papers-link-pm-labonews-story/d0e7e0009223f0f55e318ab72f0b8594 * http://www.afr.com/news/politics/malcolm-turnbull-named-in-panama-papers-20160511-gosvit * http://www.theaustralian.com.au/federal-election-2016/federal-election-2016-turnbulls-siberian-dreams-now-verge-on-nightmare/news-story/ec4f460a6510842b501943062cb9d1cf * http://www.smh.com.au/business/banking-and-finance/panama-papers-malcolm-turnbull-named-20160511-got0di.html
EDIT: Formatting
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2016.05.07 06:44 safetyalwaysoff5000 It could be worse.

Whenever I think my BPD experience was intolerable, I'm one-upped. Ran across this story on a podcast.
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2014.07.08 15:15 FindEliseAshmead because can't just disappear from the face of the earth... Please help find Elise.

Elise has gone missing on the 26/06 - bank records indicate that she withdrew money in Katoomba/ Blue mountains. However, it is also known that she was wearing unsuitable clothes and footwear to go hiking. Lots of ideas but none that are factual enough to say out loud. suffice to say, this is getting more serious by the minute, and her partner and their twin three year olds, other family members, and all her friends, are completely frantic. If you have any way at all to get this message out and shared - especially anywhere in the Sidney area - it would be immensely appreciated. If you have any ideas where else I could post this link - please let me know also. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/city-east/police-appeal-for-help-to-find-missing-north-bondi-woman-elise-ann-ashmead/story-fngr8h22-1226980630808
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2014.03.16 03:49 MH-370-Updates Comprehensive timeline: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 DAY 9

Continued from here.
Hey everyone! We are running a new joint account so that we can keep these threads streamlined! Please give us feedback on if you like this new method or if you prefer us to keep our accounts and timelines separate.
Keep in mind that there are lots of stories going around right now, and the updates you see here are posted only after we've verified them with reputable news sources.
Links to Press Conference
  • LINKS: Astro Awani, CCTV, ChannelNewsAsia
  • Next press conference is yet to be announced. There should a daily PC at 5:00~5:30 pm MYT, but it's up to the decision of Malaysian authorities.
Hop over to PART 10 coverage here
6:05 AM UTC / 2:07 PM MYT
Full transcript of yesterday (16 March) press conference can be found here
4:05 AM UTC / 12:05 PM MYT
As per recent speculation, New Straits Times is reporting that the plane dropped 1500 m (~5000 ft) to avoid radar detection.
3:40 AM UTC / 11:40 AM MYT
Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Australia will help coordinate MH370 southern arc search after receiving call from Malaysian prime minister. Source
2:55 PM UTC / 10:55 PM MYT
The person in control of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 issued their last communication to air traffic control after the first set of aircraft communications was disabled, Malaysian authorities have confirmed, adding further weight to suspicion that the plane was hijacked. The Guardian
1:08 PM UTC / 9:08 PM MYT
A BBC image showing the possible last known of the MH370, based on the satellite data received
Attended by Minister of Transport, DCA Chief, MAS CEO, IGP.
  • Search area expanded, nature of search has changed.
  • Numbers of countries involved in SAR operation have increased from 14 to 25 countries.
  • Foreign ministry have met representative from countries coved by northern/southern airway corridor.
  • Both northern/southern corridors being treated equally the same.
  • US, China & France are asked to provide further satellite data.
  • Surveillance aircraft & vessels are required for southern corridor.
  • Aircraft movement consistent with deliberate action
  • Refocusing on all crew, passenger & ground staff of MH370.
  • Pilot's flight simulator is being examined by export & police.
  • Co-pilot & pilot did not request to fly together
  • MH370 is airworthy, complies to the safety bulletin issued by Boeing.
  • Inmarsat received 6 ping back from aircraft. Last communication is at 8:11 am MYT / 12:11 am UTC.
  • Fuel for typical KL – Beijing flight for 6.5 hours. Extra fuels are for emergency situation. MH370 is fuel up to 7.5-8 hours.
  • No SOP was breached despite the aircraft (unidentified at the time) flew past military radar.
  • Investigation & background check was performed on the passenger, crew & ground staff. Some foreign intelligence agencies have cleared the background check.
  • Authorities deny reports that the aircraft have landed somewhere.
  • The aircraft turn back is not pre-determined.
  • Immediate financial assistance is given to the families.
  • No additional fuel was carried by the aircraft apart from the required + emergency diversion.
  • Authorities denied the report that Pilot moved out from the house the day before the incident.
  • Pilot’s flight simulator has been taken in for investigation.
  • RMP defend the decision of not investigate pilot & co-pilot earlier.
  • Information of aircraft altitude is available, is being corroborated with the radar service operator.
  • Both possible corridors are being investigated.
  • Flight re-enactment was performed with Boeing 777 simulators.
  • The cargo manifest reveals no hazardous material.
  • 2 Iranians with the stolen passports have been cleared and are not associated with any terrorist groups.
  • The aircraft’s minimum speed, maximum speed, location, altitude has been gleaned from the 6 satellite ping back. Concurred by independent interpolation from both US & UK investigator.
8:15 AM UTC / 5:15 PM MYT - 20th MEDIA STATEMENT
The current general enquiry number +60378841234 for the MH370 incident will change effective Monday, 17 March 2014 at 12.00 noon.
Moving forward, families of passengers and crew of MH370 may call +603-87775770. This is a dedicated number for families only.
For media queries, kindly contact +603 8777 5698/ +603 8787 1276.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the passengers and our colleagues on board MH 370 as well as their families and loved ones.
7:10 AM UTC / 4:10 PM MYT
Investigators probing the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 piloted an identical Boeing 777-200 on the missing plane’s suspected flight path, in a re-enactment aimed at determining whether the radar and satellite data that it generated matches up with data on MH370’s flight. AFP via NewStraitsTimes
6:30 AM UTC / 3:30 PM MYT
Malaysia's government says police are examining flight simulator belonging to pilot of missing jet and investigating engineers who might have had contact with plane. AP
6:32 AM UTC / 3:32 PM MYT
Malaysian defence minister has tweeted that he is talking to all countries involved in the revised search. The countries include Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, China, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia & France. Among others. Source
6:41 AM UTC / 2:41 PM MYT
Media Statement from Ministy of Transport, Malaysia. Source
NOTE: Formatted to allow better readability
** 1. Search and rescue operational update**
a. The search and rescue operation continues to be a multi-national effort, led by Malaysia.
b. Malaysian officials are contacting countries along the northern and southern corridors about MH370. These countries include: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, China, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and France. Officials are requesting assistance from these countries.
c. Malaysian officials are currently discussing with all partners how best to deploy assets along the two corridors.
d. Malaysian officials are also asking countries to provide further assistance in the search for the aircraft, including: satellite data and analysis; ground-search capabilities; radar data; and maritime and air assets.
e. Both the northern and southern corridors are being treated with equal importance.
** 2. Update on the police investigation into MH370’s crew and passengers**
a. As per normal procedure, the Royal Malaysia Police are investigating all crew and passengers on board MH370, as well as engineers who may have had contact with the aircraft before take-off.
b. Police searched the home of the pilot on Saturday 15 March. Officers spoke to family members of the pilot and experts are examining the pilot’s flight simulator. On 15 March, the police also searched the home of the co-pilot.
c. We appeal to the public not to jump to conclusions regarding the police investigation.
6:30 AM UTC / 2:30 PM MYT
Press conference delayed to 9:30 am UTC / 5:30 pm MYT. Reuters
If there are more streams, please post them in the comments.
4:20 AM UTC / 12:20 PM MYT
Malaysian police schedule press conference about missing flight for 1 AM ET / 5 AM UTC / 1 PM MYT. Daily Telegraph
3:17 AM UTC / 11:17 AM MYT
India puts search for MH 370 on hold at request of Malaysian government, officials say. Straits Times
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Project 80 - First Look Daily Telegraph Business Club - Lakesmere Corporate Film DAILY TELEGRAPH FLY The Telegraph Garden at Chelsea 2014 Day 15 Ratesetter Review - How to Make 18.8% This Year The horrendously bad journalism of Sherele Moody Male Privilege - Coming Soon to a School Near You DAILY TELEGRAPH - F1 WAITING ROOM Newspaper Review: Juliet Samuel, Miatta Fahnbulleh (12Jan18) Build your own Social community - Kate Day, Daily Telegraph Online

The owner of the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph set to cut up to ...

  1. Project 80 - First Look
  2. Daily Telegraph Business Club - Lakesmere Corporate Film
  4. The Telegraph Garden at Chelsea 2014 Day 15
  5. Ratesetter Review - How to Make 18.8% This Year
  6. The horrendously bad journalism of Sherele Moody
  7. Male Privilege - Coming Soon to a School Near You
  9. Newspaper Review: Juliet Samuel, Miatta Fahnbulleh (12Jan18)
  10. Build your own Social community - Kate Day, Daily Telegraph Online

Newspaper review, Juliet Samuel a columnist for The Daily Telegraph, and Miatta Fahnbulleh, chief executive at Ne Requested clip. Recorded from Sky News, Al Out Politics, 12 January 2017. Now image what would happen if the 4WD you'd bought and built to take you and your partner on the trip was stolen while you were stopped off for a few days receiving treatment. That's the reality ... Produced in early 2009 by the Daily Telegraph Business Club, the film showcases Lakesmere's growth to become a leader in it's sector and promote's the company's expertise and iconic projects ... Hear Kate Day, Communities Editor, Daily Telegraph Online interact and share her views on why Social Media is a must for every brand and business today. Watch the entire coverage of AdAsia2011 ... After writing about P2P lending in Australia quite a bit lately, I figured I might go into depth on each. Today we will discuss Rate Setter and why they might just be the best option for you. I ... Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/bane666au My other channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC958L6D_3vjB83R1uvUfXVw/featured Facebook https://www.facebook.co... This 10 second TV spot ran as sponsor ident for The Daily Telegraph around the F1 broadcast on ITV in the UK. Agency: CHI&Partners. Mark Fane charts the progress of the Daily Telegraph garden at the Chelsea Flower Show 2014. This TV spot was to promote John McEnroe preview in the Daily Telegraph during Wimbledon. Agency: CHI&Partners. The Victorian government will spend $22m on a school program Sources: Lessons on ‘male privilege’ in $21.8m Victorian schools program: http://www.theaustrali...