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Connor Chica niconiko11. 0 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Nov 20, 2014 . About 5 years ago . 885 . 6 0 8. Connor De Assasin Creed pero en Chica! L I K E P L S . Show More. Show Less. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 4px arm (Classic) Background Connor Chica niconiko11. 0 + Follow - Unfollow Connor was last seen in the season 4 finale “With A Brave Heart,” in the doctors’ lounge where his ex-girlfriend Dr. Ava Bekker (Norma Kuhling) told him that she had murdered his father Cornelius (D.W. Moffett). Ava thought that getting rid of Cornelius meant that she and Connor could get back together, but Connor insisted that they were ... Abstract painter, Windy O'Connor, uses life to garner inspiration for her work; from her distant travels, to the latest fashion trends and back to North Carolina. Her collection of fabric, pillows, wallpaper and wrapping paper extends her fine art to your home. ABC7 is Chicago's source for breaking news, weather and live video. Covering politics, health, traffic and sports for Chicago, the suburbs and northwest Indiana. Cozen O’Connor’s Chicago office attorneys provide clients with a wide variety of services including labor and employment, complex insurance coverage, complex product liability and tort defense, first and third-party coverage, subrogation and recovery, commercial litigation, and white-collar defense and government investigations. Abstract painter, Windy O'Connor, uses life to garner inspiration for her work; from her distant travels, to the latest fashion trends and back to North Carolina. Her collection of fabric, pillows, wallpaper and wrapping paper extends her fine art to your home. May 11, 2020 - Explore Windy O’Connor's board 'CHICA NATION', followed by 804 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about O'connor, Art, Painting. Christopher Connor claims to be the owner, but he is also a scam artist and just tells you what you want to hear. There are many involved with these two companies - do not buy anything from them and if you have and did not recieve the items, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] to discuss further. A Wisconsin family wants answers six months after the death of 20-year-old Abigail Conner. Ciske, Karen L. of Arden Hills, passed away at age 82 into the arms of Jesus on August 16, 2020 with her husband, Don, holding her hand. Born in Chica go on December 28, 1937, she graduated as co ...

Do you think Kellen Goff, Joe Gaudet, and Amber Lee Connors will be voicing Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica when/if Showtime gets added to Help Wanted?

2020.05.26 03:52 Tiger-Bear991 Do you think Kellen Goff, Joe Gaudet, and Amber Lee Connors will be voicing Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica when/if Showtime gets added to Help Wanted?

Back when all the YouTubers got early access to Help Wanted I remember seeing their names in the credits before they were removed in the final game. Do you think those three will still be voicing the characters, or will Scott/Steel Wool get other people to voice them?
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2020.05.08 04:39 Narnes64 Why I hope JJ is not in the May skin line-up for Special Delivery

So when I first heard that 4 new skins were coming out in May, I got very excited as one of the most obvious skin choice would be JJ. JJ was one of the few characters that I like who would have a likely chance to be in SD but then I remembered that skins don’t get cpus. JJ, unlike BB, actually had a voice back in FNaF World, done by Amber Lee Connors, which I thought really suited the character. Amber has already worked with Illumix by doing Toy Chica’s voice lines so I doubt it would be too hard for them to pull it off. My only worry for why they wouldn’t give JJ a cpu is because Scott did not give her a voice in UCN with her instead having the same laugh as BB.
If JJ does end up being a skin, I wouldn’t be surprised but it would still have been neat to have gotten more lines from Amber.
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2020.04.25 12:32 CinemaSans Voice acting in FNaF 2020

Since every game after FNaF World update 2 has voice acting, it's rather safe to assume that voice acting will also appear in FNaF 2020. Vanny will have a voice for sure and PJ Heywood will most likely return and voice Glitchtrap but what about the animatronics? They will most likely get voices too, the question is if they'll be voiced by voice actors we already know or will Scott hire the new actors? To be honest I can see Glamrock Fred being voiced by Kai Skrotzki and Glamrock Chica being voiced by Amber Lee Connors but I wouldn't be mad if they got new voices.
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2020.03.17 21:41 reddiet568 A cast concept for ANIMATRONICA 204X. Joe Gaudet as Bonnie. Amber Lee Connors as Chica. Christopher McCullough as Freddy. Jesse Adam as Foxy. Pedro Pascal as Reddie.

A cast concept for ANIMATRONICA 204X. Joe Gaudet as Bonnie. Amber Lee Connors as Chica. Christopher McCullough as Freddy. Jesse Adam as Foxy. Pedro Pascal as Reddie. submitted by reddiet568 to u/reddiet568 [link] [comments]

2020.02.27 14:15 goldietheswagbear my huge fnaf headcanons/AUs pt2

Toy Freddy~
-gamer boi
-he is actually a noob and gets his ass kicked in every game he plays, especially by golden freddy
-toy freddy live streams a lot, he gets stream sniped a lot by mangle and golden freddy
Toy Freddy: wow xX_thegoldenyiffer_Xx and ToyFreddyIsaNoobLoL87 (i doubt those are real user names) are really good they keep killing me though,
-toy freddy loves to play Minecraft with the kids he even has his own server called (yes i know this is the subreddit's server and it doesn't work, please fix)
-he is forgotten about a lot, almost as much as golden freddy, though golden freddy kinda wants people to forget about him, toy freddy doesn't want that however
-he can't dance
-he is fat
Toy Chica: How many flirt until girlfriend?
Toy freddy: If u hold down the flirt key while jumping you can unlock girlfriend in about five seconds
Golden Freddy: Ḭ̵͑f̵͙̀ ̶̘̍y̸͎̐o̵̝͝u̵̡͋ ̶̛̙c̵̜̃ř̸̫ȍ̸̬u̸͍̓c̶͍̀h̷̛̤ ̶̧̈j̷̣̃ũ̸̧m̵͍̈́p̶̘̋ ̵̝̐w̵̦̅h̵͉̓i̶͚̍l̵̠͝e̴̦̅ ̷͍̓f̵͎͝l̶̝͝i̴͍͑r̸̹̈́t̵̞̄ĭ̵͙n̴̮̄g̵̙͒ ̴̳͠ỳ̵̺ȍ̷̬ũ̴̹ ̶͙̅c̷͚̋a̷̛̘n̶͉̆ ̴̟͒c̶̯̀l̴̢̍i̶̋͜p̴̨̀ ̶̜̿t̸̯͌h̷̯̓ř̷͇o̸͓͝u̴͈̍g̸̝̐h̶͇͐ ̸̰̎t̵͈̕h̸̲̃e̵͎̓ ̶̠͑f̷͙̈́l̵̝̚o̷̱̓o̷͚̔r̶̺͘ ̴͎̂d̶͍͝ḯ̵͚r̷̜̈́e̴̘͊c̸̱̾t̷̮͒l̴̮͑y̸̙͆ ̵̛̻t̴̪́o̴̱̚ ̶̞̔w̷͔̅i̷͕͐f̸̣̊ẽ̶͚
-toy freddy acts much more reserved and is quieter than freddy. freddy doesn’t interact with him as much as the others do with the toys. when they do interact, it’s usually just them sitting in the same room. they don’t really talk
-he is always looking out for kids, especially those with special needs or disabilities. So he knows how to calm the child’s fears, reassuring them they’re safe with the band
Toy freddy: get the *** out of my room, i'm playing minecraft!
-toy freddy loves hugs, just not Mr. Hugs
-someday he will unleash his inner gamer and no-scope us
-he Puts Mountain Dew and Freddy Fazbears Pizza in the same blender and chugs it all down
-If Toy Freddy loses his game, the last thing you hear is Aggressive Retsuko-styled death metal as he charges past everyone else to get to you.
-toy freddy loves reading. he also loves video games but since he’s not very good at them he often just goes back to his books.
toy freddy: what if you wanted to mine for diamonds but golden freddy said
golden freddy: Cave19.ogg
-Toy Freddy is too innocent/dumb looking to scare anyone.
toy freddy's theme song: Five More Nights

Toy Bonnie~
-makeup buddies with toy chica and mangle
-annoying younger brother to bonnie
toy bonnie: hey hey hey hey hey bonnie hey hey hey hey hey
bonnie: what!!?
toy bonnie: …. hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey h *gets punched in the face\*
-the week before Easter, management dresses him up as the easter bunny. there’s also egg hunts involved. and of course, candyfreddy fazbear entertainment is not responsible for any injuries or cavities caused by candy thank you
-he is more of a rockstar than a casual guitarist.
-The reason Toy Bonnie slides in when you put on your mask is because he wants to roller skate with you because he thinks your mask is “sexy” and thus the reason he kills you without the mask.
-if he came out as gay or trans nobody would be surprised
-Toy Bonnie post makeup tutorials on Youtube
-Toy Bonnie is a total douche and acts like Kanye
bonnie: go on blue, say "fuck"
toy bonnie: ...the toys are legally not allowed to swear
-his nickname is blue
Toy Chica: You handcuffed him to BB!?
Toy Bonnie: He put a dead fish in my suit!
Toy Chica: BB's WAY worse than a dead fish!
\in parts and service\**
Bonnie: this is hell
-always wanna go to Applebees for some reason
-toy bonnie says trans rights
-literally flirts with everyone at every chance he gets, but if they flirt back he doesn't know what to do
toy bonnie's theme song: Eiffel 65 - I'm Blue (da ba dee)

Toy Chica~
-try to be scary
-best friends with mangle
-blame William for her design
William: HENRY!!
henry: oh fuck, what now William?
henry: god fucking damnit William!! i'm not gonna do that
\Some days later\**
william: i finished toy chica for you mate
henry: you gave the chicken boobs... bloody hell william, i fucking hate you
-not only is a really good singer but also a really good dancer
-one time she stole a knife from the kitchen and carried it around instead of the cupcake. it took 3 days for staff to realize
-she either ends all of her text messages in a :), with a heart, or with a flower emoji, on a rare occasion she’ll end a text with a knife and that’s how you know you fucked up
-she talks to golden freddy about her problems, golden freddy mostly just sits there and listens
toy chica's theme song: just gold female cover

-they don't actually hate kids
golden freddy: *hums just gold to himself*
mangle: [FRIEND DETECTED] CUDDLE TIME!! *cuddles with golden freddy*
golden freddy: ... *about to cry* thank you (he hasn't been hugged or let alone cuddled for like 4 years)
-he is a living shitpost
-they will eat literally anything, a pair of socks? yes, a computer? yes, your grandma’s ex-boyfriend tom from 3rd grade? yes!
-screams for the aesthetic, like they don’t have to, they just feel like their current situation allows them to get away with it whenever they want
mangle: *screaming*
freddy: :( poor child look what those humans did
mangle, internally: yeah, this feels right
-master of stealth... and by that i mean everyone pretends they are but since they are constantly Screaming everyone can hear them from a Mile Away, people feel too bad to tell them
-she is the living embodiment of >:D face
-gender is YES
-she has about the same intelligence as a young teenager.
-she doesn't like it when people smoke
Jeremy: *smoking*
Jeremy: wtf!?
-Mangle is the best character, fight me
-Mangle is the body positivity rep we all need, if Mangle can love himself and consider herself beautiful despite being a dismantled pile of animatronic parts than you sure as hell can too, love yourself you piece of shit
-nobody knows how she can climb up walls like a spider
-she's covered in rust. Nice to know Fazbear Entertainment decided to have a walking tetanus hazard in range of children
-either you die for Mangle or you die by Mangle those are your only options
mangle's theme song: Sinéad O'Connor & The Chieftains - The Foggy Dew

-BB is like a typical child with the sweetest face, but behind that sweet faces lies great mischief.
-his sign can be edited to say anything, one time it said "i am god"
-nobody knows what he uses the batteries for
-he’s coming for your AAA batteries and there’s nothing you can do to stop him
-he would fucking strangle you if he was tall enough
-Balloon boy uses tik tok
-he can't jump
-calling him the spawn of satan (or satan) is an insult to satan
-he looks like a McDonald's toy. if McDonald's had fewer morals and they made satan make a toy
-BB actually stands for Boring Bitch, or bitch boy
-Anything Balloon Boy wants is illegal
-Michael kicked Balloon Boy’s ass in the parking lot at 4am
-nobody made BB, henry and William doesn't know how and why bb is there and fazbear's entertainment doesn't know either, they have tried getting rid of him, but they can't get rid of him and they have stopped trying
-BB is loud and doesn’t care if he’s caught
Balloon Boy: Golden Freddy, can I get a piece of candy from the candy jar?
Golden Freddy: What's the rule in this establishment about candy?
Balloon Boy: No candy until after dinner?
Golden Freddy: No, that's Marionette's rule. Golden Freddy's rule is to bring me one too.
-bb knows about your sins
-he can swear
BB: hallo! you fucking bastard i know what you did and you will be punished for it, trust me
William: hallo, you little freak of nature
BB's theme song: Jolly Rogers - The Devils Son

the puppet/marionette~
-best friends with golden freddy
-puppet steals your younger sibling and calls you a bitch
-The puppet saw your post and was disappointed
William: Two of my kids are dead. The third… Half dead? I honestly don’t know, nor do I care.
The Puppet: Who the fuck let you have kids?
-she hands out with golden freddy at the prize corner a lot, even when it's day time
-you better drop the beat before she beats you to death
-Puppet’s sole purpose is to spot William and beat the shit out of him with a baseball bat. but until that happy day, they just give out gifts (and life)
-she has two moods: total mom friend or eldritch horror sometimes both at once
-I don't think us mortals are supposed to know how the puppet moves around
puppet: You deserve a reward! Here, have a head that’s always screaming! *hands you the head of Golden Freddy*
golden freddy: *screams*
you: ... [your answer]
the puppet's theme song: My Grandfather's Clock

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2019.12.27 09:04 LB1234567890 Apparently, Toy Chica is no more exclusive to lures

So I was playing Special Delivery, and a red bear icon rings my doorbell, when I open the camera I hear Amber Lee Connor's voice saying "Hello, new friend". So I guess Toy Chica is no more exclusive to lures, wich explains the notification saying that she joined the party (or something like that).
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2019.12.21 12:35 LB1234567890 Toy Chica's laughter sounds like an actual chicken.

Toy Chica: (skip to 10:39)
Nice move Amber Lee Connors, nice move.
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2019.11.01 06:46 A_Ticket_2_Ride Why I believe Showtime will be implemented in Help Wanted

For the longest time, questions about Help Wanted have come and gone. Questions such as Glitchtrap, Dreadbear, and most recently, the bunny mask and voice line seen and heard in Corn Maze. But one question (to me anyways) always outweighed the others:
"Is Showtime ever going to properly come to the game?"
My answer has always been mixed for the longest time ever since Scott's official statement regarding its fate. I've given it much thought like the over-analyst I am and I think I've figured out what's going on in terms of Showtime. I think it is coming to Help Wanted soon and there's a few things that seem to suggest it.
Part 1: Improvised Audio and Placeholders:
Look, it's no surprise that things change during the course of game development. Beta versions and prototypes always have little things that differ from their final release. Help Wanted was no different, of course. A lot of things in the trailer were different from its final release. One of those things were the voices, specifically Handunit's voice. It wasn't Andy Field's voice, but placeholder audio instead until Andy's lines were implemented into the game. A similar thing is showcased in this video here of a beta version of Curse of Dreadbear. In it, you can hear that Foxy's voice during the Pirate Ride minigame sounds nothing like Chris' voice at all. Not just that, but Foxy doesn't even have his pirate uniform on either. And in that same video, you can also see that during Hallway Crawl, Nightmare Foxy's model and jumpscare (and sound effect) are also improvised with Classic Foxy instead.
On a similar note, this exact case of improvising was used when Help Wanted was first released. All of the Withereds were completely absent from the game. Who took their place? Classic Foxy. Same model, same jumpscare, same everything. But in the end, both the Withereds and Nightmares were properly implemented into the game. Now, this is where things get interesting. Before Help Wanted's release, Scott released a series of auditions for something relating to Showtime. Singing performers, Freddy Fazbear, etc. And as we know, Joe Gaudet and Hannah Laurel ended up getting hired for the Singing Performers roles. Freddy, however, got nothing. But in the game, Kellen Goff and Amber Lee Connors are credited for Freddy and Chica, yet we know Hannah Laurel got hired for Chica just a month before. So what happened? Did the roles swap last minute? Was there a mistake?
I believe Scott (or Steel Wool) used improvised audio for Showtime. I believe they hired Kellen and Amber to help with this placeholder audio, and that's why they're credited. Joe even mentioned on a YouTube comment a while back that the Bonnie voice singing in the Showtime performance wasn't his voice, so that definitely proves that this entire audio is a placeholder. So what am I getting at?
For a while now, it was Freddy who went unvoiced. Scott has voices for Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy, but Freddy was always the only Classic without a speaking role. But after Special Delivery seemingly teased him having a proper one, one that Scott seems to be satisfied with, it's possible Showtime's future doesn't look so grim now. Steel Wool already got Chris back on board with the Pirate Ride, and Bonnie and Chica's lines are most likely fully recorded and all, and now Freddy seemingly has a voice. I think we all know where this could be leading to...
Part 2: An Interesting Question:
I've always had questions after Scott's official statement on Showtime. Scott mentioned that he'd be using one of the buttons in the game for something else, but which button was he talking about? At first nobody knew, but now we know. The Exotic Butters button was later repurposed and used to tease a variety of upcoming content for the game. Things like the Withereds, Dreadbear, and more. Yet the Showtime button continues to sit there. Scott had teased the existence of Showtime way beforehand back in the upcoming projects megathread and made the call to leave it out at the last minute. So why hasn't the button been removed yet? And why are the characters still behind the closed unmoving show curtains? If Scott were finally ready to pack it all up, wouldn't the button, animations in the files, and even the song be entirely cut from the final product? But it's all still there. The characters are fully animated. The song is still present. The button is still there, still labeled 'Showtime' as it was intended to be. I believe it's being saved for a later point in time, possibly as one of the last, if not then THE last, update for the game.
So what do I think Showtime is going to be like then if it does end up being added into the game? I don't think it'll be used for some grand rebuttal ending where our rebellious character can choose the path they walk by either aiding or betraying William and using the Showtime button against him, but rather just a fun and cute way to cap off Help Wanted. By adding in the one feature we've wanted since we first discovered it would be a thing.
Part 3: Final Thoughts:
A lot of people seem to believe that Scott "cancelled" Showtime in his official statement. Yet, he really didn't. His answer was more of a "sitting on the bench" kind of response, as in he gave a very hard "maybe" on the idea. I think another thing that fuels the idea is Scott mentioning in a similar comment that he would consider adding Showtime in a future update, something that if it ever is added, would definitely be added in an update now. And the biggest thing of all is that Showtime is still continuing to be advertised. Don't believe me? Take a look at PlayStation's look at the best horror games of 2019. Now some may mention the fact that the pic of Showtime was taken 'April 29th, 2019' a month before Help Wanted released and Showtime was ditched, so the article probably wasn't published yet, but yet the article a few of the games mentioned on this list came out months after Help Wanted, so perhaps it is teasing, just using an older screenshot for show.
So with all of this, everything that I've laid out here and spent countless hours thinking about, I fully believe now that Showtime will be added to the game. I believe Scott and Steel Wool have heard the outcries. They added in the Withereds after everyone begged for them, they added in the Nightmares after everyone begged for them. So what's really holding them back from adding in Showtime? Not to mention it would be the perfect way to finalize Help Wanted as a product. Even if the PlayStation article can be explained with something else, there's still a chance for Showtime to happen. I don't believe they'll let it die before moving onto the next game.
So yeah, perhaps there's a chance we may just get a performance from the band after all. Or I'm just over analyzing everything again.
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2019.10.19 23:07 Springmeister Fanmade UCN Voicelines Part 1

I got inspired by some youtubers like theniftytable to come up with voice lines for the characters that didn’t have any in Ultimate Custom Night. I’ve had these for a while and I wanna share.
Freddy Fazbear: I imagine Freddy with a typical goofy deep voice, something like Barney Rubble from the Flintstones.
“Hahaha, I love this song!”
“Pal, did you really think angering a bear was a good idea?”
“Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for any death or dismemberment. That one's on you.”
“Thanks for visiting Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza! We hope to see you again real soon!”
“Remember, kiddos: don’t follow strangers into dark rooms. They’re bad news...right, buddy?”
Chica: The voice heard from Amber Lee Connors was exactly what I expected.
“Aww, that one was my jam!”
“Call me a duck, one more time...I. DARE. YOU.”
“Yeah, I’m a picky chicken. So what!?”
“What’s a girl gotta do to get the good tunes going?”
(Singing) “Someone’s in the kitchen with Chica, it’s the one you shouldn’t have killed!”
Toy Bonnie: Squeaky and nasally.
“I KNEW there was something fishy about that mask!”
“You gotta get up real early to pull a fast one on old Bonnie!”
“Why are you so frightened? We’re not so scary if you see us in the daylight.”
“What are you doing in here? You’re gonna miss the show!”
“This next one goes out to a special friend, and he gets to hear it on repeat! Forever.”
Golden Freddy: Similar to Freddy, but softer and more gravely.
“It’s me...”
“You’ve brought this all upon suffer!”
Laughter What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost...”
“I’m never going home I might as well go big.”
“Isolated from your comfort zone...brutally killed...forced to suffer a loop of fear, death and torture....that makes two of us...”
Shadow Bonnie: Super whispery.
“Lights out.”
“Now you see me, now you don’t...”
“No peeking...”
“Time for me to cast my shadow...”
“You didn’t need to see, did you?”
Springtrap: this is assuming PJ Heywood only voiced Scraptrap.
“Well, lookie here, a new victim? Don’t mind if I do...”
Chuckles Still got it.”
“Peekaboo......I see you...”
“You have no idea how cramped that vent is...let me show you.”
“Boy, are you ugly! And...familiar...”
Phantom Freddy: basically Freddy.
“Hey how’s it going!”
Phantom BB: something akin to a punk bratty kid.
“Ha! Gotcha!”
“Think fast!”
“Guess who!?”
Mischievous Laughter
Nightmare Bonnie: Deep and beastly, with a hint of Scottish.
“No flimsy door can stop a beast like me!”
“Serves ya right, ya penny-pinchin’ cheapskate!”
“Guess I can add greed to your list of sins, eh?”
“Ma whiskers are tinglin’...that means there’s fresh meat!”
“Tomorrow’s another day...but it won’t end any different.”
Well, that’s most of them! What do you guys think? I’d love to hear some feedback. I’ll post the rest in a separate post!
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2019.08.15 00:01 autotldr Dayton shooter described as 'funny' with 'a kind smile' in family-written obit

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 63%. (I'm a bot)
Funeral directors at Conner & Koch Life Celebration Home in Bellbrook posted the glowing, online obituaries of killer Connor Betts and his sister Megan "Baby Chica" Betts ?- who was gunned down during her brother's Aug. 4 attack - without mentioning how they died.
"A funny, articulate and intelligent man with striking blue eyes and a kind smile, Connor Stephen Betts, age 24, of Bellbrook, passed away Sunday, August 4th, 2019," the obit casually stated.
The posting goes on to mention that Connor Betts was a grill cook at Chipotle, an avid reader, enjoyed swimming, was a Boy Scout, was in his high school marching band, played Xbox games and loved watching the Fox animated show "Bob's Burgers."
Police said Connor Betts had a fascination with mass shootings, but investigators have not been able to immediately identify a possible motive for his attack.
Officers, already working in Dayton's popular downtown entertainment district that night, fatally shot Connor Betts just before he could enter a busy Ned Peppers Bar where dozens more could have been killed.
Earlier in the evening, Connor Betts visited Ned Peppers, where police speculate he was scouting it as a possible target.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Betts#1 Connor#2 family#3 obituary#4 Police#5
Post found in /news.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2019.06.23 23:24 TheFreddyChannel List of all Voice Actors, FNaF1-HW (correct me if I got someone wrong, or if I forgot someone)

Scott Cawthon - Phone Guy, Phone Dude
Heather Masters - Circus Baby, Scrap Baby
Michella Moss - Ballora
Kellen Goff - Freddy, Funtime Freddy, Molten Freddy, Fredbear
Andy Field - Hand Unit, Tutorial Unit
PJ Heywood - SoulDozer, William Afton, Michael Afton, Scraptrap
Becky Shrimpton - Bon-Bon, Funtime Chica
Brenda Joan Wong - Minireena, Bonnet
Zehra Jane Naqvi - Bidybab, Elizabeth Afton
Bob Barnes - Narrator
Amber Lee Connors - Chica, Toy Chica, Adventure Toy Chica, Adventure Nightmare Chica, JJ, Anime Toy Chica, Clara
Christopher McCullough - Foxy, Adventure Fredbear, Vlad, Pigpatch
Jesse Adam - Adventure Foxy, Angsty Teen
Marc Martel - Foxy.EXE
Debi Derryberry - Chica's Magic Rainbow
Julie Shields - Computer
Jason Kappus - Technician
Tim True - Technician 2
John Matthew - Board Member
Dave Steele - Henry Emily
Brian Ivona - Candy Cadet
Joe Gaudet - Bonnie, Rockstar Foxy, Funtime Foxy, Mr. Hippo
Kai Skrotzki - Rockstar Freddy
Gwenith Knight - Trash and the Gang
Madison Brunoehler - Happy Frog
August Sargenti - Nedd Bear
Peter Baker - Orville Elephant
Tabatha Skanes - Vengeful Spirit
Ally Johnson - Rockstar Chica
Hans Yunda - Withered Bonnie
Darren Roebuck - Toy Freddy
Stephanie Belinda Quinn - Dee Dee, Shadow Dee Dee/XOR
Lena Hill - Lefty
George Osborne - Rockstar Bonnie
Aleks Le - Nightmarionne
Eric D Ward - Nightmare
Zach Hoffman - Nightmare Fredbear
Tim Simmons - Nightmare Freddy
Matthew Curtis - Nightmare Balloon Boy, Music Man
Keyondra Shanae - Jack-O-Chica
Yoon Ho - Samurai Freddy, Samurai Foxy, Samurai Mangle
Darbi Worley - Withered Chica
Jena Rundus - Charlie Emily, Mangle
Brianna Kennedy - QA/Tape Girl
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2019.05.31 20:00 Crystal_959 HW voices?

In the credits of Help Wanted, under voice cast, Kellen Goff is listed as Freddy Fazbear, Joe Gaudet is whispered is Bonnie, and Amber Lee Connors is Chica. Also “Freddy Fazbear theme” with lyrics and music are also listed. So I’m guessing this means we are gonna see Showtime soon, and Scott wanted to keep it secret?
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2019.05.28 21:45 Bearans_SFM [SPOILER] About Chica

Amber lee connors voiced chica? Wasn't chica voiced by hannah laurel? She auditioned for the singing performer role and confirmed on twitter that she was chica...
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2019.01.30 06:00 daily_playlist_bot [2019-01-30] /r/listentothis

Click Here for Today's Top Songs from /listentothis
Title Submitter Reddit Youtube
Brunettes Shoot Blondes - Houston (LIVE) 2positive Permalink Youtube
Durand Jones & The Indications - Morning in America CrocodileJock Permalink Youtube
FYFER - Not Alone smegryan Permalink Youtube
Hannah Kate 'CRY JULY' Music Video qazz23 Permalink Youtube
Big Black Delta - Love You This Summer askinner05 Permalink Youtube
Mineral - Sounds Like Sunday brainboy66 Permalink Youtube
"Fan The Flames" by SHEER MAG (HQ) MistaChelseaa Permalink Youtube
Lime Cordiale - Not That Easy (Official Video Clip) saint_ursa Permalink Youtube
Stompin' Tom Connors - Bud the Spud datums Permalink Youtube
2PANHEADS - SUPREMATISM (Official Music Video) davidac1982 Permalink Youtube
Scofferlane - I Awoke (official video) murakamitype Permalink Youtube
Dream On thisaintdomingo Permalink Youtube
Takin' off yotsmungand90 Permalink Youtube
Blushing - "The Truth" (Official Video) Topo_Chica Permalink Youtube
NightStop - Drive By Stalking active_party Permalink Youtube
Moscow Apartment -Orange- tsafman Permalink Youtube
Seahaven - Bad Diary Days (Cover) dorvnbear Permalink Youtube
True Romance # Unsolved Mind # Nu - 2018 blodwyth Permalink Youtube
She Likes sleepyjohnnybravo Permalink Youtube
still in bed by Jelynne ronearc Permalink Youtube
Believer-Dies Irae (Day Of Wrath). tantalis77 Permalink Youtube
PRO TEENS - Tulsa kaplub Permalink Youtube
FANTASY GUYS - JAZZY KISSES pet_me_horse Permalink Youtube
Fine, it's Pink - Angel (Official Audio) donutss_ Permalink Youtube
I Heart Hiroshima – River quooo Permalink Youtube
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2018.11.17 20:04 xXMisterDiscoXx The FNaF Show Season 2 - Episode 10 ft. Amber Lee Connors (Toy Chica)

The FNaF Show Season 2 - Episode 10 ft. Amber Lee Connors (Toy Chica) submitted by xXMisterDiscoXx to fivenightsatfreddys [link] [comments]

2018.10.16 21:17 Tiger-Bear991 Dawko MAY be interviewing Amber Lee Connors (voice of Nightmare Chica, JJ, Toy Chica, & Clara) on The FNaF Show.

Dawko MAY be interviewing Amber Lee Connors (voice of Nightmare Chica, JJ, Toy Chica, & Clara) on The FNaF Show. submitted by Tiger-Bear991 to fivenightsatfreddys [link] [comments]

2018.08.14 05:58 mal615 Amber Lee Connors is at it again with the Toy Chica cosplay. She's got a friend this time.

Amber Lee Connors is at it again with the Toy Chica cosplay. She's got a friend this time. submitted by mal615 to fivenightsatfreddys [link] [comments]

2018.08.01 05:31 NebbyInTheBag56 Freddy takes a shit WTF edition

Freddy: goes into stall and gets down to business
someone starts pounding on door
Freddy: Fuck off! I'm busy right now! The sign says "DO NOT DISTURB!"
Person: FBI, OPEN UP!


FBI: ALRIGHT! WE'RE COMING IN! knocks down door
Freddy: NoOoOoOoOoOo! I'm not done yet...


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2018.07.24 08:30 magicraftcat List of People Officially Associated with FNaF (Will be Continuously Updated)

Adam Stone (Former Executive Producer for FNaF Movie)
Aleks Le (VA for Nightmarionne)
Ally Johnson (VA for Rockstar Chica)
Amber Lee Connors (VA for Adventure JJ, Adventure Nightmare Chica, Adventure Toy Chica, Clara, and Toy Chica)
Andy Field (VA for HandUnit and Tutorial Unit)
August Sargenti (VA for Nedd Bear)
Becky Shrimpton (VA for Bon-Bon and Funtime Chica)
Bob Barnes (Narrator for The Immortal and the Restless)
Braden Cawthon (Scott's Son/Beta Tester)
Brenda Joan Wong (VA for Minireena 2)
Carolyn Bull (Designer for Survival Logbook)
Chris Columbus (WriteDirectoProducer for FNaF Movie)
Christopher McCullough (VA for Adventure Fredbear, Vlad, Foxy, and Pigpatch)
Christopher Scott Cawthon (Mistaken Scott Cawthon)
Claudia Schroder (Official Artist)
Darbi Logan (VA for Withered Chica)
Darren Roebuck (VA for Toy Freddy)
Dave Steele (VA for Casette Man)
David Katzenberg (Former Producer for FNaF Movie)
Debi Derryberry (VA for Chica's Magic Rainbow)
Emese Szigetvari (Offical Artist)
Eric D. Ward (VA for Nightmare)
Gale Van Cott (Unused VA for Cooking Show Parody Host)
George Osborne (VA for Rockstar Bonnie)
Gil Kenan (Former Director for FNaF Movie)
Gwenith Knight (VA for Trash and the Gang)
Hans Yunda (VA for Withered Bonnie)
Heather Masters (VA for Baby and Scrap Baby)
Ian Cawthon (Scott's Son/Beta Tester)
Jason Blum (Producer for FNaF Movie)
Jason Kappus (VA for Men at Work)
Jay Ireland (Former Executive Producer for FNaF Movie)
Jena Rundus (VA for Mangle and Marionette)
Jesse Adam (VA for Baron Foxy and Angsty Teen)
Joe Guadet (VA for Funtime Foxy, Mr. Hippo, and Rockstar Foxy)
John Matthew (VA for Board Member)
Jon Berg (Former Overseer for FNaF Movie)
Julie Shields (VA for Computer Voice)
Kai Skrotzki (VA for Rockstar Freddy)
Katrina Mae Hao (Artist for Survival Logbook)
Kellen Goff (VA for Funtime Freddy, Molten Freddy, and Fredbear)
Keyondra Shanae (VA for Jack-O-Chica)
Kira Breed-Wrisley (Co-writer TSE, TTO, and TFC)
Lena Hill (VA for Lefty)
Leon Riskin (Original Soundtrack Composer)
Madison Brunoehler (VA for Happy Frog)
Marc Martel (VA for Foxy.EXE)
Matthew Curtis (VA for Music Man and Nightmare BB)
Michella Moss (VA for Ballora)
Michelle Smith-Carrigan (Unused VA for Ballora)
Neko Pillarcik-Tellez (Animator for The Immortal and the Restless and Official Artist)
Nik Mavinkurve (Former Overseer for FNaF Movie)
Peter Baker (VA for Orville Elephant)
PJ Heywood (VA for Souldozer, Michael Afton, and William Afton)
Rick DeMonico (Designer for TSE and TTO)
Roy Lee (Former Producer for FNaF Movie)
Stephanie Belinda Quinn (VA for Dee Dee/Unused VA for Lefty and Toy Bonnie)
Scott Allen (Unused VA for Toy Freddy)
Scott Cawthon (Creator of FNaF/VA for Phone Dude and Phone Guy)
Seth Grahame-Smith (Former Producer for FNaF Movie)
Tabatha Skanes (Unused VA for Vengeful Spirit)
Tim Simmons (VA for Nightmare Freddy)
Tim True (Unused VA for Board Member)
Tina Francisco (Artist for Survival Logbook)
Tyler Burton Smith (Former Writer for FNaF Movie)
Yoon Ho (VA for Freddy and Foxy in Samurai Anime)
Zach Hoffman (VA for Nightmare Fredbear)
Zehra Jane Naqvi (VA for Bidybabs and Little Girl)
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2018.07.05 09:50 Sith_Destroyer_1138 What is every voice actor in UCN's Twitter if they have one?

I'm making an animation featuring 1 voice line from every animatronic in the game that has a death sentence (barring Funtime Chica just because I wanna animate her). So, I wanted to tag them all so they could see it. I already know Kellen and Chris' handles, as well as Joe and Amber Lee Connor's.
So, do all of the UCN voice actors have one? Can I have the ones who do at least? I would really appreciate it!
(P.S., yes, I am doing Mr. Hippo's death line. Meaning, I have to animate a 3 minute story. Fuck)
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2018.07.01 19:37 Playstation-Jedi UCN All Voice actors (I need to make sure all the casting is correct)

I’m going to make an Ultimate Custom Night Video Cast video, a follow up to my Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Entire Voice Cast video. However, I want to make sure that ALL the voices actors and their roles are correct as I don’t want to give out any misleading information, some of them are obvious while others are more difficult.
Scott Cawthon – Phone Guy
Kai Skrotzki – Rockstar Freddy
George Osborne – Rockstar Bonnie
Ally Johnson – Rockstar Chica
Joe Gaudet – Rockstar Foxy, Mr Hippo, Funtime Foxy
Christopher McCullough – Pigpatch, Foxy the Pirate
August Sargenti – Nedd Bear
Madison Brunoehler – Happy Frog
Peter Baker – Orville Elephant
Becky Shrimpton – Funtime Chica
Stephanie Belinda Quinn – Lefty, DeeDee
Scott Allen – Toy Freddy
Amber Lee Connors – Toy Chica, Yandere Chica
Jena Rundus – Mangle, The Puppet
Hans Yunda – Withered Bonnie
Darbi Logan – Withered Chica
Tim Simmons – Nightmare Freddy
Zach Hoffman – Nightmare Fredbear
Eric D. Ward – Nightmare
Keyondra Shanae – Jack-O-Chica
Matthew Curtis – Nightmare BB, Music Man
Aleks Le – Nightmarionette
Heather Masters – Circus Baby, Scrap Baby
Michella Moss - Ballora
PJ Heywood – Afton
Kellen Goff – Molten Freddy
Gwenith Knight – Trash and the Gang
Yoon Ho – Japanese Freddy, Japanese Foxy, Japanese Mangle
There are 3 more voice actors of Scott’s review profile: Tabatha Skanes (job profile: Vengeful Spirit), Darren Roebuck (job profile: Toy Freddy) and Lena Hill (job profile: Lefty), as we know Toy Freddy and Lefty already have voice actors so either these voice actors are playing different characters or these actors are voicing those characters and I’ve just got the credits wrong.
So are there any other characters and members cast that I’ve missed and is this list correct?
submitted by Playstation-Jedi to fivenightsatfreddys [link] [comments]

2018.05.17 01:35 SpringPopo FNaF 6 Ultimate Custom Night: Voice Actors Megathread

Due to the recent large amount of voice roles going up and voice actors being picked, We've decided to make a megathread for it. Here is all the current info and sources.
Scott's Feedback: Link
Five Nights at Freddy's 1:
Freddy Fazbear) Job Posting
Foxy) Job Posting
Chris McCullough, The man who did Fredbear in Update 2 of FNaF World and Vlad in Sister Location has been confirmed to be the voice actor for Foxy the Pirate.
Twitter Tweet
Five Nights at Freddy's 2:
Toy Freddy) Job Posting
Darren Roebuck is the confirmed Voice Actor.
Toy Bonnie)
Stephanie Belinda Quinn is the confirmed Voice Actress.
Toy Chica) Job Posting
Amber Lee Connors is confirmed to reprises her role as Toy Chica.
Scott's review on her page
Mangle) Scott's comment about it
Jena Rundas is the confirmed Voice Actress.
Withered Bonnie) Job Posting
Hans Yunda is the confirmed Voice Actor.
Withered Chica) Job Posting
Darbi Logan seems to be the voice actress for Withered Chica as she was the only female hired through the Nightmarionne roles. Scott's review
Five Nights at Freddy's 4
Nightmarionne) Job Posting
Scott's comment on Withered Chica's page removal and Nightmarionne's voice actors.
Nightmare Balloon Boy) Twitter tweet
Matthew Curtis is the confirmed Voice Actor.
Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location:
Ballora) Twitter Tweet
Michella Moss is confirmed to be reprising her role from Sister Location.
Funtime Foxy)
Joe Gaudet is the confirmed Voice Actor. Twitter Tweet
Matthew Curtis auditioned through the role.
Five Nights at Freddy's 6: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator:
Rockstar Freddy) Job Posting
Kai Skrotzki is the confirmed Voice Actor.
Rockstar Bonnie) Job Posting
George Osborne is the confirmed Voice Actor.
Rockstar Chica) Job Posting
Ally Johnson is the confirmed Voice Actress for Rockstar Chica.
Rockstar Foxy) Job Posting
Joe Gaudet is the confirmed Voice Actor.
Lefty) Job Posting
Stephanie Belinda Quinn is the confirmed Voice Actress.
Funtime Chica Job Posting
Becky Shrimpton the voice of Bon Bon from Sister Location has been confirmed to return, this time as Voice Actress of Funtime Chica.
Nedd Bear) Job Posting
August Sargenti is the confirmed Voice Actor.
Mr. Hippo) Job Posting
Joe Gaudet is the confirmed Voice Actor.
Orville Elephant) Job Posting
Peter Baker is the confirmed Voice Actor.
Scott's review on his page
Pigpatch: Job Posting
Like FNaF 1 Foxy, Chris McCullough is also the confirmed voice actor for Pigpatch.
Happy Frog) Job Posting
Madison Brunoehler is the confirmed Actress
Ultimate Custom Night:
Character in Whisper) Job Posting
Gwenith Knight is the confirmed Voice Actress.
Vengeful Spirit) Job Posting
Tabatha Skanes is the confirmed Voice Actress.
Untitled) Review on Scott's page
Amber Lee Connors is the confirmed Voice Actress.
Annoying Girl) Job Posting
Stephanie Belinda Quinn is the confirmed Voice Actress.
Japanese) Job Posting
Yoon Ho is confirmed a voice actor for it.
Little Girl)
Jena Rundus is the confirmed Voice Actress.
Keyondra Shanae is the confirmed Voice Actress.
Voice actors with unknown roles:
Tim Simmons (Freddy Fazbear's page feedback)
Aleks Le, Eric D Ward, and Zach Hoffman (Nightmarionne's page feedback)
Scott's comment on Withered Chica's page removal and Nightmarionne's voice actors.
Lena Hill has been cast for a role, though it's unknown who she'll be doing
Feedback post
Scott Allen Scott's review on feedback
Edit: Special thanks to A_Ticket_to_Ride who helped me find the remaining job posting links I missed in DMs.
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Conor Maynard - R U Crazy (Official Video) - YouTube FNAF Bootleg RIP OFFS - ConnerTheWaffle - YouTube CONNOR MEETS CIZZORZ! HE LETS HIM DIE?! (Fortnite: Battle ... TRUCO de la polera de Connor Murphy para conseguir el ... $2,000 BET WITH CONNOR! (Fortnite: Battle Royale) - YouTube 11 YEAR OLD CONNOR IS BACK AND HE IS TOXIC! - Fortnite ... Best Omegle Reactions ft. Connor Murphy - YouTube The Connor Murphy INSIDE OUT Shirt Trick - YouTube The WORST Cuphead RIP OFFS! - ConnerTheWaffle - YouTube

Family of 20-Year-Old Wants Answers After Her Mysterious ...

  1. Conor Maynard - R U Crazy (Official Video) - YouTube
  2. FNAF Bootleg RIP OFFS - ConnerTheWaffle - YouTube
  3. CONNOR MEETS CIZZORZ! HE LETS HIM DIE?! (Fortnite: Battle ...
  4. TRUCO de la polera de Connor Murphy para conseguir el ...
  5. $2,000 BET WITH CONNOR! (Fortnite: Battle Royale) - YouTube
  7. Best Omegle Reactions ft. Connor Murphy - YouTube
  8. The Connor Murphy INSIDE OUT Shirt Trick - YouTube
  9. The WORST Cuphead RIP OFFS! - ConnerTheWaffle - YouTube

Amigos, les presento como conseguir el número de chicas sólo con un pequeño desafío. Ah, y con un cuerpo musculoso jeje. Suscribite, comenta y dale like! Click to pre-order R U Crazy (out 6th October) Click to buy Conor's album Contrast Mayniacs, make sure you s... a throwback game with rip offs that make me want to throw up Instagram - @Connert... Connor Murphy's channel: Connor Murphy's vlog channel: Adonyx Coaching!: Bro Labs!(use discount code 'CONNOR10'): Get on the lean bulk VIP lis... BE SURE TO LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS!!! SUPPORT A CREATOR CODE: CouRageJD MY STORE: FOLLOW MY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA... spooky time is here, pizza included Instagram - @Connerthewaffle Intro: CosmicGem WRK MERCH - Subscribe: If you enjoyed the video leave a Like and or Comment! SOCIALS: $2,000 BET WITH CONNOR! BE SURE TO LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS!!! SUPPORT A CREATOR CODE: CouRageJD MY STORE: FOLL...